No love in war

  • Duke

    Henry felt his grip around Jean's waist loosen, the two were sitting under a tree, Jean between Henry's legs her back pressed to him. Even though they were both armored the moment held an intimacy they could not deny.

    Henry sighed.

    "I don't want to talk about it." Jean said, as she brought her hand to her face and covered her eyes.

    "But, Jeanie, we leave tomorrow...I'm not ready to lose you." Henry grasped her even firmly but her breastplate kept him from producing more than a lax sensation of pressure.

    Jean sighed. "We didn't even know each other before this. Even if we live, am I supposed to leave my village or you leave yours?" She didn't want to have the conversation, it pained her more than even the thought of the coming war. "You had to know this was just for now? A way to pass the time here. We are going to fight-" She slipped from his grasp and turned to face him, although she was sitting on her heels. "-You've heard the stories."

    Henry knew what she was saying, but he had never been in love. He's never even spent more than a few minutes with a woman before he met Jean. "But I love you."

    "Don't say that! No you don't! And you shouldn't." She got to her feet at the words. "We are going to war, there is no place for Love. Even if you knew what that meant."

    Henry stood up and held his hands out to her, but she took a step back.

    "I knew you'd do this. Ruin this last little bit of normalcy." She crossed her arms over her chest and wished she could feel her own comforting embrace for a moment. "You dont need to be worrying about me, you need to be thinking about fighting, and winning and living to come back home." She uncrossed her arms and struck him right in the chest although the chain soaked up most of her frustrated attack.

    "I'm not trying to worry. I just, I wanted to say how I felt. I wanted to know if you felt the same way." Henry lowered his hands and lowered his head.

    "I don't. I just thought you were cute and you'd make this less of an ordeal." Jean snapped at him.

    "They assigned me to the 1st. Found out we are going to be in the lead position. I just...wanted something to hold onto for that." Henry looked up, his eyes misty with tears.

    "Then you need to hold onto your family or the Gods. Not me..." Jean took a sharp breath in and turned around. "I'm going back to the camp." She didn't wait for his reply and headed off down the small hill towards the sea of white tents that was the staging camp.

    Henry watched her walk down the hill and across the field until she was just another set of armor among the throng. "Mother Lorna, please keep her safe. I'll love her even if she never loves me back. Keep her safe." He looked upward for just a brief moment before following Jean's steps back to the camp.

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