Settlement: Wooded Point

  • Knight

    Name: Wooded Point

    Estimated Population: 780

    Relevant Information: Wooded point was initially established as a logging site when a group of woodsmen sought to harvest the tall pines found on the small peninsula on the far eastern part of Obrexia. After receiving a charter from Priest of the Wild Briimhalt, the stronger men of the group got to work. They’re leader a tall and stout wood elf by the name of Sam Cap. That was in the last fire of the 17th year after the SC. It wasn’t long until the men realized the plot which they had initially only wanted for it spoils of trees was more desirable than originally thought. The small land mass was ripe with berries, and the sea surrounding it on three sides was full of fish. This attracted the men, and, with the support of the Priest of the Wilds, the cabins used as bunking for loggers were slowly transformed into houses. By these cabins were added more houses one by one until soon enough the logging site could be formally named a town. “Wooded Point,” true to its roots. Please like my lore VORE daddy

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