Lore Prompt: Bug Juice

  • Baron

    With the exodus of the Myrmidon race landing in Candarion, some of their products are beginning to surface in markets. One, however, is particularly troubling: Bug Juice. Bug Juice, as it's come to ne known as, is a form of The Queen's pheromones that can be ingested by humans as an intense narcotic drug and potent painkiller.

    With the rise of Bug Juice, how does your realm react? If they outlaw it, how do they crackdown on drug usage? If it's legal, how is it regulated, if at all? What does the public think about the drug? Does it even make it to your realm? How does this affect your realm's perception of Myrmidons?

    If you're too far away or just not taking in Bug Juice, how does your realm handle other drugs?

  • Baron

    Aníans would probably hate it, the Suldans and Arayigs around my realm would probably love it and try to incorporate it in things like cooking and medicine.

  • Baron

    Could you elaborate more on the specific effects of this 'bug juice'?
    Is it addictive?
    Does it have any other long term lasting effects?
    Can it be worked in some fashion to, for example, reduce the narcotic effect while preserving the pain killing ability?
    Is there any 'bad will' associated with production? Like does it hurt anyone or require something 'inhumane'?

  • Baron

    @Aron. I would say that it can be quite addictive, as this is a diluted form of how The Queen is controlling Mouthpiece, and he's completely devoted.
    Long term effects would impair the ability to think for one's self, and cause a sort of disconnect with your identity.
    The immediate effects include elation, drowsiness, and pain reduction
    Side effects include lethargy, confusion, and nausea
    Some users may have a genetic resistance to Bug Juice (this is also found in some Myrmidons, leading to disobedience of The Queen) which may trigger violent side effects like vomiting, trouble breathing, and chest pain.
    It's usually used as a pain reliever, recreational drug, or sleep inducer.
    Bug Juice, in essence, is essentially The Queen's pheromones altered to be compatible with humanoids. Since The Queen can alter her pheromones to influence the state of the hive, it could be possible to potentially figure out how this happens and remove narcotic effects.
    I wouldn't say there's anything necessarily inhumane about the production of Bug Juice, but some may object because of it's Myrmidon origins, or may be grossed out that it's excreted from The Queen.

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