The Plentiful Berries of Wooded Point

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    Although the town is not very large, it seems to have optimal conditions for growing sweet berries. From what the locals have observed the berries tend to follow a strict growing cycle, in which they grow in rapid bursts during the night. This growth seems to be unaltered by any seasonal changes in climate. The changes in temperature and daylight do not seem to inhibit the plants ability to bear fruit; however it is apparent that the plants favor cooler months, thriving when the temperature is low and tend to enter a slight state of decreased growth and smaller berry size during the colder months.

    These berries are a treat for the people of Obrexia. Adding a well needed bit of variety to deviate from the typical cut of meat and of potatoes. It is important to note that those who do choose to settle down in Wooded Point, while not completely driven by the berries, have become increasing motivated by their presence. Citizens are able to indulge in them as they please due to their abundance. Bushes seem to pop up overnight. Some even find the ever-present amount of berry bushes to be somewhat of a nuisance because of their tendency to be a bit prickly; sometimes nicking an unobservant wonderer or snaring an unsuspecting lamb. Due to this and their abundance of course, the citizens of the town have no problem carting off the excess berries and sending them to other places within the nation so that others may enjoy them. This keeps the berry population well under control, as sharing the crop is far preferable to cutting down or destroying the bush completely. With the desire for these berries being so seemingly universal the more charismatic elves easily turning a profit on the occasional shipment of berries delivered. This leaves the town in a fair state financially. Some of the larger shipments end up making their way far north to the dwarven hold of Vunkuldir.
    Due to their wide arching movement all throughout to nation, some settlements have been able to further domesticate the berry bushes for some slightly more elaborate uses. For instance, when In Startide, if one were to find themselves about a temple located near the southern reaches of the town, they might notice some bushes that have been domesticated for the town purposes. This domestication, while it does tend to tame the unique taste of the wild berries, has led to cultivation that perfectly suits the temple dwellers desire for a tart wine, but that all together is another story to be told.

    The most interesting case of their use can be found carved deep within the walls of the mountains to the north, for as much as a druid loves a nice drink to add a little spice in their life, the dwarves show much more favor to a stronger beverage. It seems as though they intend very much to capitalize on the drink as its production seems to be a slightly more secretive one.

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