[Discussion] The legality of PvP wars.

  • Baron

    For those who may not know, under the old charter it was legal for one realm to declare war on another realm, then go to that realm and kill the player. Whether or not both parties agreed didnt matter.

    Do we want this system carried over to our new charter? Do we want it altered in some way? Do we want this dropped from our charter altogether?

    Resolved with Charter: https://forums.candarion.com/topic/64/charter-for-candarion/9 -Alric

  • Baron

    My issue with the previous system was that it forces the hand of the other person in terms of lore. If they don't want to have a war in their lore then they are just being inconvenienced by the other person. If the other person really doesn't like pvp they might not login into the server for a while to avoid the other person.

    I want to see a system where "wars" are mutually agreed on occuring and are heavily backed by lore that is written by all parties involved and only by players who want to participate. If a person writes lore that creates a peaceful realm then it probably wouldn't make sense to be suddenly attacked by another, especially unprovoked (the war lore being written exclusively by the other person). Let me know if I need to clarify any of the above.

  • Baron

    My own thoughts on this is along the lines of "Why have pvp, especially one sided pvp, in our Lore-writing world building server at all?"

    In lore wars should be handled as they always have been, but to me these pvp wars serve little purpose other than bullying and they have no place in Candarion.

  • Baron

    @Roth-Deathsworn that is a very good point, wars in lore don't need to occur in game at all. We see that with water conflicts, for example. Though I do see a place for the lore events where we have community pvp that is hosted by someone who is writing some kind of lore. I would generally agree, one-sided pvp backed by one-sided lore is mostly just inconvenient.

  • Baron

    I think wars should be mutually agreed upon by the realm leaders/owners and should not include PvP unless that is determined by the realm leaders/owners. I think that 1. Wars need to be mutually consensual and 2. Once a war has been decided by all parties involved it is up to them to determine how they go about it.

  • Baron

    While this is all well and good, what does a player do if they have no more room to expand? If they are completely surrounded by land that is already owned? Does an unwilling PvP become legal then so that the player can expand or do we go with another solution like colonies?

  • Baron


    If anyone is ever in the situation where they have no room to expand then it will be years from now or something highly unusual has happened. In either case, a PVP war would definitely not be the best way to handle that. Unless both parties agreed to that I suppose.. if it were to happen to me I'd opt for a Lore War agreed on with my neighbors , colonies, or just choose not to expand anymore and instead just develop the land I had. Small realms that are very dense are very cool as well.

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