Executive Decree 121-1, 24 S.C.

  • Baron

    The Executive Council of Coghan hereby discloses its resolution on subject matter 121-1, wherein citizenry of the southern parts of Coghan conflicted with citizens of Ighodia and the northern shores in regards to protection.
    Coghan itself musters only a limited number of troops for use as auxiliary militia, guard, and enforcement in peacetime. As such, Coghan as a whole cannot, unfortunately, delegate sufficient force to remedy both situations. Neither can Coghan, unfortunately, afford to split its forced evenly amongst both threats: doing so would result in the destruction and failure of both fronts.
    The attacks on farming homesteads in southern Coghan by “Blightmaids” and other agents of darkness is certainly something deserving of worry. Domestic production and the safety of our rural communities is directly jeopardized by these threats on a daily basis.
    The attacks on Coghanese vessels and the port of Ighodia by the Redjacks is also worrisome. Frequent assaults have crippled naval development, cost us tens of thousands of ci, and threaten our foreign import economy.
    As such, this decree serves as notice that Coghanese enforcement will henceforth adjust to protect Ighodia and its port, and defend against the Redjacks.
    The domestic production of Coghanese foodstuffs is naturally slim and cannot support its own economy. We face starvation in either case, so we must ensure we can resume economic prosperity from without and refill our granaries with as much as possible. In so doing, the total populace of Coghan will be safer, the governmental bodies and institutions will be less at risk, and Coghan itself will prosper more readily.


    Netheter Laghai, Senior Executor
    Mighi Malstrommen, Senior Executor
    Amaris Ghanden, Junior Executor
    Lorres Neiwaghn, Junior Executor
    Verreghn Abustrai, Junior Executor
    Ielis Raghn, Ambassador Premiere
    Oltekeni Bansse, Cavalier Premiere
    Jonas Agha, Arbiter Premiere
    Prelate Magna