An Experience with Myrmidons

  • Baron

    As a resident of Aiolia, I was shocked by our King Eternal's decision to grant sanctuary to the Myrmidons, as was everyone else I've talked about it with. At the time, there was nothing they could apparently offer to us, and there was no reason to let them integrate. I can only wonder what motivated our king, and if the rumors of Myrmidion mind domination are true. Regardless, residents of Aiolia now have to deal with our new guests, and the rules of hospitality dictate that we at least remain civil. Luckily enough, they prefer to stay to themselves anyways.

    I am a Salinian builder. I've always been proud of the many works of architecture I've had my hands in realizing, and of all the lives benefitted from my labor. Recently, an architect's plans for a residence were given to me and my crew to actualize; however, the plans were clearly very deeply flawed, and would soon fall as it were put up. I swear, that architect has the skill of a badly clubbed village idiot. The fool was so adamant about how his shoddy work would, in fact, stand for centuries. Such utter folly cannot be reasoned with, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

    If we were to follow his plans to a t, all while making it safely sturdy, it was going to need some sort of miracle. It was then that I recalled the tales about the nearby bug-hive. It's said that their webbing is so strong that it's the only thing they build with, constructing massive complexes that withstand the entire swarm's treading. I may not like the little buggers, but I figured there must be something to the tale. It's also said that the sweet berries of our land drive the bugs crazy, so I took a ferry to the market island Sköld and acquired baskets full of them. With this, I set out to the hive. Gods help me.

    The journey there was fairly fast and painless; I arrived within a few hours. Upon setting foot upon the banks of the River Fluvios, though, hosts of the bugs flooded out of the mounds across the river and walked over to me. The majority were ant-like, walking on four legs and wearing rounded armor plating. One, however, was larger and had the horn of a beetle. It was my first time seeing their kind, and I could assume it was their first time conversely, given their conduct. The things crowded around me, nudging me around while buzzing and chirping loudly, despite my shouting at them. One decided to put its hand on me, and so I slapped it away and declared to the party, "Get off me you fiends! Is this how you treat those willing to trade? Damn bugs."

    I guess it got through to them, because they backed away and grew more silent. One scurried away deeper into their island, and soon a winged bugman landed in front of me. I lifted my baskets of sweet berries and let them know of my need for their webbing paste. One of the rude bastards tried grabbing the baskets from my hands, but the winged one beat its hand back and sharply chriped at him. I could only assume this was a leader amongst them. Their winged leader gestured at me with a open palm, most likely as a sign to stay put. It then flew away and shortly returned with two clay vessels. I set my baskets to the floor, at which the things snatched it and scurried away, leaving only the vessels.

    I soon returned to Salina and let my crew know of the paste. We tested it out on a model of the house, and the web-mortar was nigh indestructible. The buggers might be tactless, but I had to give it to them for their abilities. My company was then able to fulfill the wishes of the architect. Once the house was fully constructed, there were no signs of a weak structural integrity. The architect was right after all; thanks to the Myrmidons, this house sure would stand for centuries. They just might not be so bad after all.

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