A Comprehensive and Revised Guide to the Magic System of the Dwytir

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    Magic System of the Dwytir

    The people of the Dwytir harness their magical abilities through the power of the Aether. All is one, and one is all is the core fundamental idea of magical manipulation and enlightenment. All is stemmed of the Aether as magical essence, albeit the mortal soul, a precious jewel or a solid rock. Through greater understanding of the diverse world around oneself and through the concept of unity and enlightenment, one shall develop and improve their ability to manipulate the magical and divine world around them.

    The Aether

    Encompassing and inhabiting all in and around the known universe, the Aether is the indefinite mass of divine power acting as the governing force of the universe. The Aether is everywhere, as the Aether is all. It is the God, the creator. It is magical and it is immortal. The pure and divine essence of the Aether flows through all that exists, as all mortal matter is stemmed from that of the Aether.

    Mortality & Magic

    All whom are blessed into the world by the courtesy of the Aether, shedding its essence unto the mortal existence hold the sacred capability and power of manipulating all else that comes from whence they came. All mortals have the ability to control aetherial essence, as they themselves are a part of the grand, greater power. Magic itself can be defined as the manipulation of the Aether, and from which come supernatural and absurd abilities at the hands of the mortal responsible.

    Personal Understanding of Magic and Its Influences

    The greatest construct of the force of the Aether is the idea of understanding and reaching an inner level of comprehension of the universe. Through this, an individual becomes further connected to their divine creator, therefore achieving enhanced control of the aetherial essences inside and surrounding them. Through greater understanding of the overall universe, spiritually and physically, a mortal gains the capabilities of magic.

    Magical Beings

    The Aether is not biased to the sentience and progression of the domineering races of Ostaria, but rather affects all mortals of whom inhabit the mortal realm. Any and all forms of life can achieve a higher connection with the universe, using magic is not limited to those beings with a "human" level of consciousness. Through the exhibition of a greater peace and understanding of the mortal plane they graze and feed upon, lifeforms of such levels as a bear, cow or insect may achieve enlightenment and adapt accordingly. It is common for such beings to develop new features and traits as they grow in power, often becoming powerful and prominent constructs.

    Magical Items

    Aetherial essence can flow through all, living or material. A mortal may harness the Aetherial essence presence in an object or a weapon to greater enhance their own capabilities, or rather channel their essence into the object to increase the power of the object. Any item may be given magical, or rather Aetherial properties. The power and type of any given enchantment depends on the mortal magic user; a beginner may find it much more along their line of capability to focus their will and connection to the Aether through an inanimate object rather than themselves. This does not, however, limit the use of extending power to mere beginners, as an enlightened monk may use their powers to a greater extent, creating weapons and items of mass power or intrigue. It is easier to make energy move from inside a being to the inner composition of an item, to manipulate it inside oneself. Inner manipulation is what makes the Aetherial reaction to the will of an individual much more powerful. Masters may find themselves furtherso capable of manipulating the fluid essences of liquids, manipulating higher energy matter such as water, fire, or the power of the sky and its wrath.

    Tapping into the Divine

    Some individuals may experience connections with the Aether much beyond that of enlightenment. Those who discover the inner workings of the aether through scholarly study or life altering events, may find themselves able to tap into a fraction of the truly divine power of the Aether itself. This magic is often unstable, and may lead to a hero, or perhaps corruption and alteration. The magical capabilities of those rare occurrences are can be immeasurable by the typical dweller of the Dwytir.

    Levels of Magic

    There are different levels of aetherial understanding that impact the way a user may manipulate the world around them, further increasing or decreasing their own aetherial capabilities.
    Common Magic
    While many are incapable of harnessing any aetherial powers, the most common form of magic for those who are adept and knowledgeable about the aetherial arts is referred to common magic, or magic of the common folk. This magic comes with a general understanding of the aetherial essences that make up the fabrics of the universe, and the knowledge of the power that lays within all mortal beings, the Aether. The grand majority of mortal beings are unbeknownst to the concept of the aether, but rather feel a deep connection with the world around them, further connecting them to their creator. With this simple comprehension, common magic users are capable of a wide range of feats that cannot quite be measured accurately as it depends on the level of enlightenment upon the individual, however it is often constricted to acts of healing or aggression on a small scale. Some may dabble in illusion and sorcery, while the most adept may be able to manipulate the will of others.

    Divine Magic
    Those who have tapped into the aether through a direct connection are a radical anomaly. These individuals achieve enlightenment and ascend to greater power, surpassing that of the common folk, often due to a sudden realization of something sacred, or a tremendously life altering event. The wielders of divine power can harness power directly from the aether as opposed to the released particles that comprise the mortal world. Some may be revered as gods, as they become capable of tremendous feats. Capable of alchemic abilities, those who are blessed with the power of the divine may alter the world around them. Their exact powers are often specified toward a certain skillset, typically limited to the construct of which led to their powers.

    Dark Magic
    Some are touched by a darker sense of reality, and channel power perhaps greater than that of the divine. This is in fact, the power of mortality. Those who have nearly touched death may reach enlightenment, but in a different sense of the matter. Their views on the world are true and whole, however they are taken by a darker, more twisted approach. Dark magic involves the manipulation of aetherial essence through the process of life and death... the manipulation of mortality. They may harness the life essence of those who fall diseased, or of those who suffer an open wound. Soul collectors, perhaps, those with greater collections of aetherial essences of their victims shall harness greater capabilities, perhaps even immortality. Aetherial essence within a mortal is what brings life. The hoarding of this essence can bring eternal life with a bountiful supply.

    Irregular Magic
    The rarest form of magic found within the Dwytir is that of irregular magic. Not limited to those of human like sentience, all may be affected by this form. Seldom individuals are born, blessed, or perhaps cursed, with an innate understanding of the world around them, often times specific. Enlightenment is based upon how one makes it, where the power sourced of it follows suit. These enlightened individuals may take on a variety of forms and abilities with no clear limits. They may come peacefully, though are often malicious.

    Consequences of the Aether and bad Morality
    Demons & Ghosts

    Upon death, the aetherial essence that once composed the mortal life of an individual returns to the greater whole of the creator, the Aether. However, in some events the essence remains, held behind by sorrow, grief, regret, anger, or pain. In this event, the essence remains and aetherial form, torn between their divine creator and the mortal realm, an anomaly of sorts. With malicious intent, these beings are often created due to horrible circumstances in life, and return to cause harm. As aetherial beings, they are capable of illusion and possession, the corruption of mortal minds.

    Altered Beings

    Altered beings are those who face the consequences of great enlightenment, often in the form of ascension. Change in features, personality and ability all my occur. This could be due to positive or negative enlightenment, and may give creation to sacred beings, or malicious beasts.

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