Arrival of the Valiant

  • Prince

    Many of them had never seen a Knight Valiant, and truly as much as they wished to have seen one is was best they did not. In this trying time and impending battle there was no way not to include the greatest weapons in Helios, even if the commanders prayed never to have to deploy them.

    The Knights arrived just before dawn, riding on massive horses, not quite so large to be a Heavy Draft but it made even normal war horses seem like ponies. The men atop seemed proportionate to their mounts, and once the armored men dismounted it was clear they were mountains of flesh covered in armor. Heads taller than others, even their squires were larger, while the Novitiates were average sized although still held the otherworldly presence of the Valiant. Their armor was resplendent and unique to each man, everything they carried had a faint glow, runes and arcane script crisscrossed the plates and weapons. Halos of floating sigil floated around their heads.

    They were met by the High Priestess' and the High Clerics. Bows and other gestures of the faith were exchanged before the Knights and Squires met with the commander.

    The Novitiates set up the meager tents. It was thought that Valiant were wealthy beyond words, but their camp suggested otherwise, canvas was patched over patches, poles were heavy but notched with use. They carried little in the way of equipment and gear and as far as anyone had seen they carried no food or water.

    Moral should have risen with the arrival of the Knights, but it instead dipped. If the Valiant were here in such numbers then what hope did normal men have?

    It was only the next day that the Order to move was given. The Valiant were the last to ready, and marched in the rear guarding the Priestess and the Clerics, as much as they were apart of the marching thousands, they were decidedly outsiders. No one spoke to them and the few who dared to look at them for more than a glance did so only to offer prayers.