1 Prophets, Day of Reckoning, The Testaments of Dankasha

  • Viscount

    Fire left unattended and without intentional interference may stray toward two extreme paths. Neutrality is best held with support, aid of the flame. To be denied attention renders the flame alone and abandoned, causing it to lash out. The desire of attention results in pain and sorrow, the flame consumes the oxygen from whence it breathes, extinguishing its primal mortality. Else the flame may scream and shriek, corrupting the innocent trees and land it sources within. Flame resembles much the unstable man. Those who have fallen into their guilty pleasures. He who plummets may seek no redemption for he has reached the unscalable pit of desolation. Within, he decays and withers until his soul feels no more. Much like a flame, he who falls becomes extinguished. However. It has been told by those who come before us, the day of reckoning is among us. Every moment it is among us. A perpetual point judging the future in which man lives and tells. Driven by the past, our fathers, our ancestors. Most notably, the actions of ourselves in the mortality of which we currently hold as our own. It is then that it is decided. In the moment, in the reckoning. The flame does not extinguish. For some, it may. While others, a spark remains. A spark that festers. Pain, agony, ego, envy, ultimately desire and lack of personal accomplishment. The spark in loss of hope grows entitled and greedy. From the ashes it cultivates and rises. From spark to flame he rises, a horror from the deep. He scales the unscalable pit and rises a new man. Oh, a man he is not. It shall be told that he is no man but rather a monster of atrocity and horror. Now it shall be told to the people who shall come after ourselves. For the future of man and the day of reckoning that follows. A demon is born. On this day, on this day of reckoning the perpetuates throughout time, a demon is born. One shall also be told. Of his name they shall know, those who come. Eleyrz he is called. Know this name and bear this information to thy children. Eleyrz has risen from the deep, from the unscalable pit. He has risen a flame. Once a man of high caliber he had once been. Close to the lord. He is knowledgeable. Knowledge in the hands of a man is power. Power in the hands of a demon is terror. Run whilst thy can. Run from thoust guilt. Eleyrz is coming. It shall be told that the end is nigh. The day of reckoning shall one day be fulfilled as the prophets now say. In a day of unknown period, the signs shall tell. Eleyrz shall come. It shall be told, the sky will turn to flame. The lord shall fall and thou children shall perish. It shall be told, to prevent the end of the reckoning, thy shalt not hold desire nor guilt. Thou shalt suffer whilst reckoning and in return thou shall prosper as shall thy future if thoust own. By the name of the lord of thou kingdom’s name, for Darius the king and savior of man, thou must suffer and Eleyrz shalt not come.

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