Exodus, Long Live the King, The Testaments of Dankasha

  • Viscount

    It had begun with the birthing of the Kingdom of Caeseus, long ago in a time we do not remember. A land of fear and distasteful overlords, Caeseus remains central to a small region of land, rather undeveloped.

    Generations of tyranny gave birth to Lord Faustus, the most cynical of them all. He brought bloodshed amass to the people of his kingdom! Come Darius, a revolution had been sparked! Son of Faustus, Darius felt none but hatred of his father. The revolution was in his hands.

    Men fought valiantly in the lands of the old world. Armed with weapons of technique, they wielded their craft for the sake of freedom. Freedom for the people! Brave men died for the sake of the next day’s morning! To arms, they had slain many, casualties on both ends. Against the men were the Caeson people. Children of the grandfather of our people, raised through generations leading to this moment of war. All the men on the battlefield were Caeson by blood. Children of Caeson men, birthed by Caeson mothers. No longer did our people desire to tolerate this name. It has been declared, the Myralian people are born!

    He who freed the Myralian people shall be known as the lord. Darius, savior of the people stood valiantly at the front of all the world’s people. Above rubble and ash, victory settled in his hand, courage in his eyes. For freedom! He delivered. Know this name and know it well. The name of Darius. For he is the savior of mankind and the deliverer of the new world.

    It was Darius who had slain the tyrant, Faustus, who held the throne, oppressing the people of the old world. Alas, it was Darius who brought us to a new light! With one clean entrance into the tendermost flesh of his treacherous persecutor, his corrupt father, Darius, the savior of mankind! Brought the Myralian people deliverance of eternal peace.

    From ash we rise! From rubble we build! Those were the words of our lord. Let it be told, that Darius is the lord! Long Live the King!

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