The Work of my Lineage, a Diary by Titus, 120FC.

  • Viscount

    To all the graceful ladies and courageous men who stumble upon this diary, I bid you good favor. For I am gone, and I may not protect you.

    Today I write this entry in my journal as I sit upon the cold, damp, stone floor beneath my bottom. Treacherous, is it not? To imagine, imprisoning me! I, simply but a man, have done no wrong. Or so, in an ideal society. To my very sad regards for the people of this world, it seems we do not live in this ideal society I dream ever so fondly of.

    Oh, for the love of my father, who’s work I carry on, as he did his! I do not belong here! Though, alas, it is my fate. I must comply. To the reader who now carries this journal, however… it shan't be your fate as well. Hide this document. For all that is pure and diseased, for the people of Myralis and for the people of my lineage, protect this document, and protect yourself!

    I write this to tell you about something terrible. A discovery pondered generations ago, and realized to be much more severe than imagined as time progressed. Darius, your esteemed lord and savior, is an immortal. Oh, yes. That it right. You knew that! For he is the god, the savior and prophet. The man who freed our people from the cruel reign of Caeseus! Oh, yes! He brought us to the new world, to our new nation of Myralis! What a prosperous place! Though, what you shall learn today will eradicate all that you believe to be true.

    Darius is a man. Yes, by sex he is a man. Rather, I also mean that he is a mortal. Within Darius holds his mortal soul, disguised as an immortal god. Blasphemy! You are likely to be thinking right now. Though it is true. The father of my father’s father, oh, no, his father’s father… my ancestor knew Darius. No, not personally, though he worked for him. His name was Tiberius. Tiberius was a brilliant scholar in the days of the Caeseus kingdom. Though when his family was murdered by the father of Darius, Faustus himself, he rebelled and joined the revolution started by Darius. He was ecstatic! He fought alongside your god, well, I should be honored to follow the lineage of one of Darius’ warriors! Oh, but aren’t we all? We are all revolutionaries by heritage. I’m not honored, anyway. Tiberius watched as Darius had slain his father in cold blood. Onwards, the voyage to the new land had begun, a journey lasting over a century.

    As the decades Tiberius was alive throughout passed, my ancestor noticed something peculiar. It had been nearly three decades, and Darius remained youthful. Oh, but he is a prophet! A savior! Tiberius almost tossed his peculiar thought away. Weeks later, he made a connection. Tiberius had been born to a mortal man, as was Darius! A prophet who speaks of the afterlife, and a savior he may be! Though no god he shall be! Tiberius wrote his analysis in depth as he laid upon his deathbed, a decade later. The work was passed on to his eldest kin.

    Son of Tiberius, Gallus, was determined to elaborate upon his father’s work. It was brilliant, what he noticed! A keen eye, this man had! He took note of the late night trafficking of children. His men would occasionally gather a child from a smiling mother, and the child would then be escorted. That child would not be seen again. When Gallus asked the mothers, they said that their child has been requested by the king to do great things. What were these great things? Frankly, Gallus never discovered the answer. He did, however, pass on his work throughout his later lineage.

    It had been discovered throughout the generations, during seldom times of mass immigration toward further northward lands, when Darius let his guard down just a little, the answer. Sacrifice. Oh, yes. You certainly read that correctly. Perhaps look back and read it again. I shall write it again, as well. Sacrifice. Yes.


    Darius was sacrificing children, harnessing their life-force through some sort of witchcraft. It was unheard of! The way I have seen it described, oh, how horrific! The poor children! This, my friend, is how Darius maintains his immortality. Or perhaps, it was. Now, take a closer look at your religion. You view Darius as the prophet who tells about the afterlife of eternal pleasure. To arrive in that afterlife upon death, however, you must suffer! Oh, yes! You must love to suffer! Darius loves it too! The matter is, the Caeson people did not suffer! Did they all suffer eternally in the afterlife? Well, perhaps. They simply were not enlightened by the prophet. Though, what might suffering accomplish for Darius? Come to think of it, the Holy Book of Prophecy tells none of Darius suffering! Certainly, a prophet is not immune to the holy workings of our world? It is only natural that he is using our suffering for something much greater. I am certain that is how he maintains his youth. Beware of the witchcraft, my friend… beware.

    You may decide to consider my words heretical. That is your choice. Though, I encourage you to find the truth.

    I am Titus. My father was Augustus, and my mother Atia. Atia has already been slain by Darius. I am next. My father perished a decade ago, leaving his work to myself.

    Now I sit on this cold floor, with no children to leave my work for. I am alone. Behind this loose brick, I hide this journal. To whomever discovers this one day, I bid you my favor. Be cautious with what you now know. Do not end up like myself. I was captured by Darius, as my teachings became public information. It is the end of my lineage. Unless you carry it on.

    New Haven needs you.

    Thank you.

    Titus Eleyrz, 120 FC

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