Attire of the Dragon

  • Viscount

    By infiltration, we accomplish. Stealth fueled by lies and deception, disguises and wigs. Typically we shall not be easily distinguished from the common folk. Independents we are not, but rather a collective for a cause. It is our sacred duty to identify, capture, and eliminate without notice. The common attire of our cause is that of a common rag, perhaps a flannel or a vest. We wear no hat nor jewelry lest the occasion demands otherwise. Under our garments, we prize and cherish our identity as an individual within the collective, our sigil, our mark. We are the dragon, the dragon is us and let it be known that we bear that image! Upon the pectoral of every man rests the mark of the dragon. Symbolizing our unity and our cause. We are the secret forces of the order. Yes, the Order of the Dragon, that is.

    Though, alone we are not. Among our ranks are the esteemed, the proud. Those who shine brilliantly to the public, honored by the people and held with the utmost societal respect. The Dragon Knights! Know they’re name! Enlisted as the mightiest of the mighty, they hold the ground of our bold kingdom. Our safety is in their name! By Darius they swear fealty and service to the land. Armed with weapons and armor of mass proportions, the men of the scouts are sturdy and large. Their bronze armour shines valiantly, adorned with the greatest jewels and tethered with coloured flairs of thread. Marked with the sacred symbol of the dragon, upon their chest on the exterior of the armor, the men pride themselves in their association with the order.

    Certainly, it mustn’t be forgotten. The scouts, oh yes. The reconnaissance and response team! They are tasked with urgent response and declaration of threat, as well and providing direct intel of all occurring within the kingdom. Trained to be stealthy and quick, they are dressed in camouflage. Covered by green and brown cloaks, the scouts are lightweight and loosely dressed. Upon the back of their cloak, a black outline of the symbol of the dragon is present.

    The Order of the Dragon is very particular on how each division is clothed. Certainly, important! Oh, but pity upon the secret forces… yes! Our job is crucial! Perhaps the most important. Though, if we may not show our affiliation, due to the nature of the job, why bear the symbol at all?

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