Log #1

  • Baron

    As I have stumbled upon the remnants of the Colossi, stolen the magic and knowledge of the Alchemists, I have acquired the means to create artificial life. In essence, I have discovered the means to a godhood, a way to create beings that worship me, and me alone. Perhaps there are further rituals I could utilize to make this magic more potent, but I already sit astride the fence of ascension.

    Some may say that this defies the gods. If it was not their will that godhood be attainable for mortals, then why should this power exist? I defy those who would be so bold to attempt to halt my divinity, to halt the very will of the gods they worship. But I digress.

    Test #1

    Size: 1 meter
    Material: Clay (chosen for its relative ease to inscribe runes upon and slight fluidity)
    Harvested Organic: Pumpkin (its sturdy build allows the carving of faces better than most other organic matters)
    Arithmetic sequence: Simply tells the creation to stand
    Parchment: Rune for "Life"

    The creation melted. The head caught fire and the clay body crumbled. I do not understand what would elicit such a reaction as it followed the Alchemists' knowledge closely. More experiments are in order.

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