Log #28

  • Baron

    The previous vegetable withered to dust, as have all smaller organics than the melon and pumpkin. It appears there is a size limit to the capability of the head. Along with the apparent lack of reaction in the melon, I appear to have nothing left but the pumpkin to rely on. I have exhausted all flora options at this point, and my store of pumpkins has yet to restock. I shall have to experiment with other options as heads for my golem.

    Test #28

    Size: 0.5 meters
    Material: Clay
    Harvested Organic: Head of a rabbit
    Arithmetic sequence: Simply tells the creation to stand
    Parchment: Rune for "Life"

    Result: The creation twitched before once again bursting into flame. Progress! Apparently the head of a previously living thing encouraged the golem to react this time before it's untimely demise. I felt the tug on my magic for longer this time before severing the connection. Perhaps this is why the creation died... More testing is in order.

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