Log #36

  • Baron

    The reaction of the golem becomes more and more interesting as I increase the amount of magic I allow it to have before it feels like it is taking too much. At that point, I severe the connection and the golem bursts into the flame. Depending on the amount of time the golem is allowed to live, the skull becomes charred and blackened by the strain of the magic, eventually killing it. I do not consider the golem as "alive," as I have never completed the ritual. Interestingly, the golem disobeys the arithmetic sequence, flailing about on the stone table, smashing objects with its great strength, making no attempt to stand. The screaming is slightly disconcerting, ranging from a great rumble to a high screech, but I have learned my lesson and place wax inside my ears. The golem has also ripped off its limbs, attempting to kill itself. It defies the parchment, the thing that demands it become alive. It often only succeeds in mutilating itself before I sever the connection, but there was one case where the golem managed to decapitate itself, killing it. This interested me a great deal, as injuring the body did not seem to end the ritual, but the separation of the head did. It appears what controls the golem is located in the organic part of the creation, not the inorganic body, just as the colossi of yore, what with their great organs. In search of confirming this hypothesis, I have created a clay head to go atop the body of the golem, and carved a hole in the chest where I have placed a the heart of a deer.

    Test #36

    Size: 1 meter
    Material: Clay
    Harvested Organic: Heart of a deer
    Arithmetic sequence: Simply tells the creation to stand
    Parchment: Rune for "Life"

    The heart beat. The golem lay still and silent, drawing on my magic. Curious, I approached the table, still chanting the ritual. The golem lunged at my person. Unprepared as I was, it managed to draw blood, latching its strong clay jaws around the wound, sucking the blood from my veins. I ended the ritual and suffered some severe burns from the hot clay melting around my arm. The heart crumbled to dust.
    While the experiment did result in injury, it also demonstrated that there is stored life in organics other than the head. More testing is necessary, but my burns will set the production of golems quite a bit back.

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