Reliquary: Skull of Sir Valiant Omari, The Golden

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    The Skull of Sir Valiant Omari, The Golden is a reliquary that is often brought when the Knight Valiant are marched in any force. The skull and banner are kept and maintained by the Clerics of Wenna. Sir Omari, was gifted with a set of golden horns during one of his Rites as a squire. Horns in Helios are not often associated with good, but Omari proved himself to be a stalwart beacon of fearlessness.

    When he was killed his body was interred at his home fortress monastery, but his skull was gifted to the Church of Wenna. The skull, even when stripped of flesh the horns were proven to be gold and come directly from his skull bones. Miraculously when the skull is around the pious a halo will form between the horns, the script within the last words of Sir Omari.

    “While the six watch over us, they do not raise a hand to protect. It is up to us, the hands of the gods to protect one another. Look upon me and know that my hands are tireless.”

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