Final March to War

  • Prince

    The path that was being carved through the western woods eventually split, separating the Western Expeditionary Force into two, one going north to face what was expected to be the larger Orc Force and another going south to secure a southern bridge crossing.

    The Northern Strike Force was comprised of the 1st and 2nd Hyperion Regiment, along with elements of the 1st Pathfinder Division, the Mazlan Forces represented by the Tooth and Claw, and many of the Church forces. The Southern Strike Force was comprised of the Vansen and Worden combined forces along with the Toten Duskwalkers.

    The Northern Strike Force parted ways with the rest, the point at which they separated became the forward base for which they would all be supplied, the military elements knew it as Forward Command, the non-combatants had come to calling it Omari’s Respite, as the reliquary skull of its namesake, was in the center of the camp it’s halo a comfort to all of them there.

    Thousands of men and women marched towards what they knew would be hard fought conflict, but spirits were high. Clerics and Priestess whipped the masses into fervor with powerful sermons and displays of faith. Storytellers of Zayl, who had been mixed in with the non-combatants chronicled all they could, gathering stories of lovers lost and moments of bravery and cowardice. They itched to see what stories each could gather from a war with an old enemy.

    The Toten were impressed with the organization and the dedication of the Helian's, although they were worried to see the extent of the religious backdrop. The war that had been one of protection of the Toten people, and the western border of Helios had fast become a Crusade, and the Toten were well aware of the last Helian Crusade, because the end of that crusade marked the beginning of Hyperion, and the birth of Helios as a unified nation.

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