Concrete custom recipe

  • Baron

    I throwing this idea, if any of you have an opinion on that matter. I.d like to know your views on the possibility of having a custom recipe for concrete. As we know, crafting concrete is a long and painful process, and with the conquest texture pack a lot of the nicer texture are applied on the concrete blocks. I found it sad to be terribly hard to craft concrete, and so I'm asking to community what are they thoughts.

    My idea would be instead of water, concrete could be craft by cooking concrete powder.

  • Baron

    Concrete in real life requires water, so I am hesitant to vote for any recipe that does not include it in some way. I am not opposed to alternative recipes though.

  • Count

    Personally, I don't think making concrete is that hard. just go to a quarry, lay out 2 long rows, run along placing and removing water to harden it, then run along mining it like butter

    that being said, I wouldn't be opposed to a recipe, although i'd like to see water used in some way as well.

  • Minister Duke

    Why not just make it a crafting table recipe where you add a bucket of water to like a stack of powder and it becomes the solid? That would include all pieces of the process and I think would be a fair trade off.

  • Baron

    I am also hesitant to alter concrete as well. The idea of not using water is a straight up no for me and concrete is not terribly difficult to make. There are Redstone machines that make it incredibly easy to make concrete, and there's a technique to making concrete using both hands that doesn't seem terribly hard either. I would be voting a hard no against any custom crafting recipe.

  • Viscount

    I would be hesitant as wel to do a custom concrete recipe. At the very least we should first consider custom recipes for items that are much harder/impossible to get, like smooth stone doubleslabs and maybe netherbricks.

  • Prince

    The only thing I could think would be to make it 8 powder, and a bucket of water to 8 concrete. That way it sort of costs 3 iron to make it as well as a tax.

  • Minister Duke

    @ThunderPony We can make the recipe not consume the bucket. That would get hella expensive pretty fast without an iron farm.

  • Prince

    I think the time savings should be worth the cost.

  • Baron

    i think concrete is fine as it is tbh

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