The Patka

  • Viscount

    Never again, he vowed. Never again would he rise to the foreign lands above. He was disgusted, truly frightened. The beasts that resided beyond the cavern roofs stood tall and menacing. How horrible they were, he thought. Yet the young Patka found himself enthralled in the desire to return. The pale, naked creatures above greeted him with nothing but hostility, yet he found peace within their threatening exteriors. Upon his return to the family below, he found himself alone in his childhood nest. Knowing he would have to reconcile and repent for his actions, he sat in solidarity, stocked with self pity.

    They always told him to avoid temptation, to fear the covered sky. It shines brightly, capturing its prey with its mesmerizing beams of beauty. Remain in the dark, they told him. To his ultimate dismay, however, the temptation was too grand. He ventured above and witnessed the terrible beauty above. Upon his return, he was found, bleeding out, upon the nest he slept every night with his mother and six siblings.

    Torn apart by his own convictions and newfound desires, the Patka could face his family no longer. Little had he known, the Patka family made regular trips to the above lands. Only he could not, as his protection was necessary. How horrible would it be, the future Nagyapa be slain by the nightmares above?

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