D.A.R.I.U.S. Biome Change Voting

  • Viscount

    This proposal is to give realm leaders the ability to file a request with the Ministry of Infrastructure to have a biome in their realm replaced to a biome of their choosing. The biome in question should be previously terraformed and rebuilt to look as the new biome the member would like. For example, one may not turn a beach into a forest if it is still comprised of sand. In one's request, they should include the perimeter of desired change via coordinates, a screenshot of the land, and an explanation as to why the biome change is requested.

    To specify, the biome change is technical only. It changes the way the game interprets the land, but will not regenerate any chunks. This is for the sake of correcting altered color hues when transitioning between biomes.

    The minister may approve or deny a request, after determining it's legitimacy. If approved, an admin will then alter the biome in the specified land.

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