Member Application: LoganC50

  • Greetings the Citizens of Candarion,

    I, Pàl Sùdratch of Welving, have written to you asking for help in emigration to the spectacular Realms of Candarion. The County of Rulvue has witnessed the worst rebellion in the past hundred years. In the Battle of the Vùn River my father was tragically killed. The fall of my family's only parental figure only left my life in shatters once more. I began to take care of my siblings, me being the oldest of the 3 of us, teaching them the ways of sheep farming and how to produce the best wool and meat. My life seemed to be getting back on track but disaster struck when our family cottage was burn to the ground by arsonists and our sheep slaughtered.

    After living on the streets for days my youngest sister, Òlive, died of sickness. We were trying to find any merciful soul that would help us get back on our feet, but to no avail. So that brings me writing to you.

    My brother has been taken to the orphanage but me, being too old to live there leaves me with no hope. I am a very educated and prestigious sheep farmer and I promise if you allow me asylum in your realm you will not regret it.

    Pàl Sùdratch

    Hello! My name is Logan, I am 14 yrs. old and I live in Ohio. I have been playing minecraft for around 6-5 years. I am definitely not the best builders but I wouldn't say I am the worst. My favorite style is Medieval. Outside of minecraft I love linguistics and I have my own 'language' you could say, I can also speak a bit of French, and Gàidhlig. I just recently got into D&D but have always loved world building but I could never find a way to express what I want to do adequately, and I think that this server is perfect 🙂 If you have any other questions, ask away! (My username is LoganCreeper50)

  • Baron

    Hey there Logan, unfortunately you are under our minimum age (16). Sorry about that, but thank you for your interest in the server and I hope to see you back here in a couple of years!

  • That's a big rip

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