Bryson Hawkson seeks advancement to Count

  • Minister Duke

    Hello. I am here again looking for advancement to Count. I think quite a bit of time has passed, and I believe that I have improved greatly since then. I served as deputy minister of both Infrastructure and as is currently ongoing, in Justice. I think that I am quite interactive in the community, maybe too much for some.

    Building counts w/ Count requirements in brackets
    Large Settlement: 48 (35)
    Settlements: 8 (3)
    Buildings: 131 (85)
    Total Count: 179 (120)

    Detailed Build Amounts per Settlement & Etc.
    Large Settlement: Hawk's Landing (48)
    Wolfpine: 32
    Sos peine: 6
    Holden: 5
    Terra Mines: 5
    Riverwatch: 12
    Startide: 39
    Vunkuldir: 10
    Colkirk: 7
    Free Floating: 3
    Boats: Lots of Places

    Sum total: ~179 builds

    Lore: Plenty, 2nd most amount of stuff on the forum, and I have done a good bit on the wiki as well. I am sure some of you have even read some of it.

    I do want feedback on Obrexia, and I know how harshly this was received last time, I believe that I have fixed many of the issues, but I am sure that some still exist. I am around, and I know this is going up right before the holidays and thus the vote won't be posted until at least the 6th of January, so it's a ways away, but I am posting the discussion now as it seems to be the only way to get feedback.

  • Viscount

    As you know, I support this entirely. I wish you would've posted this sooner. You have worked so hard, and done so many things! You have contributed a lot to the community and you are a wonderful person. Obrexia is a stellar, gorgeous realm and I'm looking forward to seeing how you continue to work on it. You certainly exceed the build counts and are very deserving of this ascension.

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