Discord membership requirement

  • Baron

    I believe we should require membership on the discord to maintain membership on the server and also new members should choose a liege if they wish to stay. This will help maintain a 'cleaner' administrative environment.

    As such I propose the following as Charter 12a:
    a. Members of the Realms of Candarion must maintain membership in the Candarion Discord server. If a member leaves the discord server, they must re-join within 30 days or they are Withdrawn and are removed from the whitelist.
    to do this, all other sub-sections in 12 will be moved up a letter. There are currently two sub-sections 'd'. This should be fixed to make the sub-sections sequential. Or it can be tacked on the end, I'm not sure how much re-numbering we should do.
    This change requires a supermajority vote.

    Also, I propose an addition to section 14.1
    Members who do not choose a liege within Application Ministry policy guidelines are Withdrawn and are removed from the whitelist.
    This change requires a majority vote.

  • Count

    Regarding the 2nd point, we were supposed to already be removing whitelist if they did not pick a liege/ finish the application process, via the application ministry policy.

    If we would like to get it written into law, then we should fully write it in and define the time as well.

    The first point seems like a good idea for sure.

  • Baron

    When I reviewed the policies here https://forums.candarion.com/topic/465/ministry-of-applications-policies it didn't seem to outline what happens if a member doesn't choose a liege, just that they need to. I'm open to directly stating the time limit in a potential law, or leaving it as-is to minister discretion.

  • Baron

    I don't really agree because I believe specifying discord membership will lead to more potential negativity than positivity.

    "Come back, or we'll remove you and make you start over when you do return."

    That is what I am hearing from this unless that isn't your intention and the wording can clarify that. Otherwise, I can't agree, because that would not make me want to come back if I left the discord for some reason or another.

  • Baron

    If you've left the Discord, are you really still planning to participate in the community? It's essentially mandatory to be a part of this group.
    My assumption is if someone has left the discord long term they no longer plan to play with us.
    Becoming 'Withdrawn' does not necessarily make someone 'start over'.

    This is designed as a fast track so that if someone has explicitly left the community (via leaving the discord) that we don't need to putz around waiting for a year before deciding they're not playing anymore.
    I think 30 days gives anyone who is planning to play plenty of time to leave the discord (for whatever reason, though I'm not really sure of many valid reasons to do so) and come back without consequence.

    Edit: and all of that is ignoring the adminstrative nightmare that is having so many people in various states of activity, whitelisting, etc.

  • Count

    @Aron the charter says they must choose a liege in the application process section, so by not completing it, they are not competing the process, therefore they are not yet a member and after a month the app is closed.

    But if this is not clear to other eyes, then yea, we should get clearer wording in there.

    By the way, if we do change it in the application section, that's under additional laws, so it only needs 50% majority, although that doesn't really matter cuz every vote that passes is pretty much 90%+ in favor

    @Sebastian the main reason afaik is to solve admin headaches of trying to keep stuff like the whitelist up to date (removing applicants that decided not to join) and overall being organized over 4 mediums (server, discord, forums, wiki) when people tend to use different names for each medium.

  • Baron

    @Alric That ends up leaving some weird grey areas where we give people the 'Member' tag in discord and whitelist them before they've completed the process then. I think perhaps it should be more explicitly spelled out what should happen if a person does not choose. Do they lose(or never gain) membership or are they still members but we should add the above? etc

  • Baron

    I know that people could possibly leave the discord to focus on school and some stuff. They may have deleted discord to prevent them from getting distracted and plan on just purely focusing on their education. Something like that is always a possibility and that's why I'm kind of iffy on this.

  • Baron

    They can delete discord without leaving the server. I don't find this to be an onerous requirement when 95% of our activity happens via discord.

  • Baron

    Read the responses, and I know this will come up for vote soon and want the history books to account for my strong opposition. I didn't find the defenses against my concerns to be strong enough, imo. People can leave the discord for whatever reason they want, and not have to defend it, and still contribute to our community. That is just how I truly feel on the subject.

  • Viscount

    It is only fair. If someone leaves the discord, how are they expected to participate with the community? Sure, they can still write their own lore and build their realms, but most activity occurs on the discord. Considering this is a community, not just a Minecraft server, why can't they just go do things elsewhere if they don't intend to use the discord?

    I don't see any logical point in opposition to this, as opposition would be opposing the idea of this server being a community. I'm all for the idea.

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