IMW: Chapter 2: The Southern Strikeforce

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    Chapter 2: The Southern Strike Force

    The Southern Strike Force, smaller moved with haste. They knew nothing of the northern ebb and flow. They had one mission, to push across the river at the south to prevent an attack from the rear, to trap the orcs on the west banks of the river. The Commander of the Southern Force was Lady Sivian Vansen, and she knew their comparatively smaller number had speed as the benefit.

    They approached the bridge with great speed, the heavy cavalry like a spear tip. They didn’t stop, they trampled the orcs in front of them under their weight. Some orcs were able to muscle a horse and rider here and there but the press of horses, armor and maces was more than enough to see them over the bridge and spilling out onto the other side. They carved a bubble of space on the far bank and footmen joined them using the Orcs own fortifications against them. The battle raged far past their target of taking the bridge. The Orcs retreat took them to a small settlement. It looked like they were still in the process of evacuating when the cavalry arrived.

    Like the Northern Force, it struck before anyone even really realized what was happening. From within the Helian lines two wolves rose and Helians died by the dozens with each swipe. They were too far into the Orcish lands for the Knight Valiant to respond as quickly as they had in the North.

    The Cavalry and knights slammed their horses into the creatures, death was almost assured as the wolves speed and strength let them lift the rider and horse in a single motion and send them flying into the others. Lancers were effective to an extent as their lances broke off inside the creature. Things felt dire, the Cavalry were really only trading their lives for time enough for the infantry to fall back to the bridge. Two wolves had turned a battle that had been practically a slaughter.

    The remaining cavalry was the last to retreat, they swarmed the wolves, using the speed of the horses to kite the crazed animals around, all while delivering ride by blows. Even that was not truly enough as the horses were only going to be able to keep it up for a short time more. The sun was already falling as the battle that was meant to be only taking the bridge took much of the day but with the fading light the Toten were able to truly join the battle for what was essentially their lands.

    Purple streaks of lightning streaked from the shadows of the woods and struck the wolves with the cracks of thunder following soon after. The Duskwalkers had finally felt it was time to use their true force. Their black wood longbows were pulled with surprising speed and strength. The magic that sprang forth was something to rival helian wizards. More lightning streaked forward, and staggered the wolves, but it was not enough to kill. The sun finally slipped behind the trees, and more of the Duskwalkers appeared, spriting from the treelines weidling glaives made of the same black wood as the bows. They struck quickly and the magic of the weapons streaked across the wolves, splitting their flesh open with a power that was barely healed by the creatures regeneration.

    The Knights of the Southern Force were renewed and charged the creatures again, fresh lances in hand. They were accurate from a lifetime of tournament and war, burying the lances in the exposed wounds practically stapling the wolves to the ground with lengths of wood. Lances were replaced with maces and they waded in again along with the Duskwalkers. In the end it was the Toten who were able to deliver the death blows.

    The battle ended as the sun faded completely over the horizon and the battlefield was washed in blackness and the screams of the wounded rose as the noise of the battle faded. Priestess and Valiant arrived and like the Northern forces, they quarantined all they could and killed those that could likely not be saved. The Orcish settlement, now vacant, was turned into a field hospital and the Priestess of Wenna sent riders back to Omari’s Respite to request aid, supplies and more staff to treat the Werewolf injuries.

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