The Feuding Waters

  • Baron

    The seas roared in rage, and the water from the heavens clashed with the water from the depths. Several boats were caught in the middle of this fierce argument. The waves struck out at the sky, and one of the boats fell to pieces. The sky struck back at the sea with equal strength, and another boat splintered in the fallout.

    The screams of anguish from the sea and the sky were accompanied by those caught in the middle of this fight. It was not supposed to be like this. The day before had been calm, and peaceful. The elders had said that the fortunes were good, and they were promised great bounty and fortune at the end of this journey.

    The comet must have been the cause. Ever since the rainbow hues lit up the sky, the world had seen nothing but chaos. The once dependable seasons become scrambled, with rain turning to scathing cold, and then to blistering heat in mere days. The forests no longer provided food, and the animals no longer roamed the land.

    Elder Setarshi gathered all the magical crystals known to the tribe. Even with the comet disrupting the magic of the world, there was still some chance to make a reading. And so the distinguished Elder used the last of his energy, and that of all the gathered crystals to make a prophecy. A great fog filled the air. A far off land, across the Great Sea, and filled with all manners of unusual plants and mushrooms appeared in the cloud. This was to be their new home, and they would see peace and good fortune.

    Another boat crumbled. The sky lashed out at the water once again. Another boat fell beneath the waves. The water jumped at the sky, furious at the blow landed upon it. Another boat shattered apart. The fight reached a climax, and the sky and the sea struck at one another in destructive fury.

    The fight ended abruptly. The moon shone brightly, casting a light to separate the feuding couple. The clouds parted, and the waves slowed to a steady, rhythmic cadence. Three boats drifted on the surface of the calmed waters.

    Rain pitter-pattered on the cap of the red giant mushroom. A young red humanoid mushroom creature, a kinokouba, peered at the restless person sleeping underneath the mushroom. It raised a short, stubby arm in front their face. With a jerky motion, it waved to get their attention.

    “Oh, hey. I’m okay. It was just a bad dream, Díteko,” said the young person. They were dressed in a simple purple tunic, and had long and straight silver hair bundled into a small bun. They wore a silver necklace, and a glowing orange crystal cast a dim light on their upper body. The rain was light, and had not splashed onto them. It was quite fortunate, as the boots they had set to dry were also undisturbed.

    The small kinokouba cocked its head, as if it were in disbelief of the person's statement. This motion appeared more like a lean to one side due to its stocky body. It leaned back, and dropped a several small mushrooms in her lap.

    “You’re right. It was more than just a bad dream. I can’t really afford to dwell on it though. You know that,” the young person said. “Thank you for bringing food.” They made a warm smile to their small friend.

    Upon hearing the words of appreciation, the kinokouba clapped its arms excitedly.

    Thunk. Thunk. Thunk.

    The rain softened to a light drizzle as the shower died down. The person glanced over to their companion, then stood up. They patted its head, causing another round of excited thunks. Then they picked up their boots, and prepared themselves for another day’s travel.

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