Lore Prompt 2: Gift Giving Holidays

  • Duke

    What are some gift giving holidays in your realm?

    Christmas like holiday?

  • Baron

    In major cities (and even minor ones), the Saka, governor, or leader would give out food, luxury items, and etc. to its subjects from tributaries and gifts from other states every turn of the summer or winter. The practice itself has become a festival among cities, and its purpose is to compensate the subjects taxes and fealty to its leader and to display the wealth and power of their leader. Not everyone can provide their subjects with the rarest wines, the most exotic spices, and (ocasionally) the most beautiful slaves.

    The practice, like many practices among the urbanite Sogad, stems back to their nomadic past when a leader would divide and assign the spoils of war and raids to his clan members.

    In death, and only for those of blue-blood or significant wealth, their personal belongings and posessions, including slaves, horses, and wives, will follow them to the grave. Not to accompany them into the afterlife, for they do not believe in it. Nor as offerings to a god who rules over death, for they do not believe in it. But to deny others from stealing the pleasures and joy the deceased has found in life through hardship and experience - to achieve the Veh. This however can be overridden by a will stating which possessions are to be given to whom after death.

  • Baron

    Il Giorno delle Pietà, Day of Charity (not a translation), is a holiday event celebrated within the realm of Pianto Dia Florina in the final weeks of winter. The holiday is a time when citizens who were fortunate enough to not only survive but strive, in the colder winter months to donate their time or excess in the name of charity for the city's destitute. It is a holiday with many religious themes to it, with every charitable act being rewarded by the Maternal Goddess, Florina, throughout the upcoming new year.

    The city's government decorates for the event and operates the distribution for highly-valued donations that come from native wealthy families and foreign dignitaries showing good grace. Food is the most common exchange during the holiday, in the form of bread and dried meats. Wealthier families will use the holiday times to exchange more extravagant gifts with each other.

    It has modern origins, first occurring in the early 700s FC. It originally began as a means to reward workers that remained in the city throughout the winter, rather than return to their homes on the mainland. Winters in Pianto Dia Florina are often followed by a series of famines as the network of food-importing slows down as mainland producers lose productivity. These famines are not as severe as they once were, usually, but the spirit of rewarding those that stayed continued through the centuries.

    Holidays/Special Events Wiki: https://candarion.com/wiki/doku.php?id=wiki:realms:piantocity:holidays#il_giorno_delle_pieta_late_winter

  • Minister Duke


    Made a new gift giving holiday and tied it in with an ancient celebration for the arrival of the light. Thanks for the prompt!

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