The Spring Festival

  • The last of daylight disappeared behind the Thunevoun mountains, casting a dark shadow over Kolanis and its freshly sown fields. Lanterns strung up all around the village began to light up. Colorful banners and ribbons decorated trees and lampposts, while others were hanging from roofs or stretched between two buildings.
    Children dressed in their finest clothes with flower crowns on their heads were running through the streets, their excited laughter falling in tune with the singing of drunk tavern patrons. Their voices were full of life and joy, and even the coldest of residents couldn’t help but smile as they listened to the songs.
    It was the Spring Festival, dedicated to the worship of Sorana and all of their aspects. The holiday was marked by the end of winter and the ritual sowing of crops, during which several Sacresor were present to oversee the planting of new life.
    Earlier during the week, numerous elves had ventured out into the Dasos M’Vizas forest to hunt game for the evening festivities. Now the smell of cooking was spreading across the village, inviting all to be merry and celebrate. Veonalyr and friends were encouraged to spend time together to strengthen their bonds, and to be alone during the festivities meant one had turned their back on Sorana and the selfless love they had for all living beings.
    After feasting, thanks were given to the Life Deity, and celebrations were taken outside. Under the light of lanterns and the moon, music and group dancing took over the village. Merchants set up stalls to sell their goods, taking advantage of the lively atmosphere. Much alcohol was consumed as festivities continued until the sunrise of the next day.
    Kolanis fell silent as its residents dispersed into their homes. Much rest was needed after the long night in preparation for the warmer months, and the hard work they bring with them.

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