Incident Report: 121-1 Riot(s)

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    Incident Report: 121-1 Riot(s) (a.k.a. Exodus Riot)

    Cavalier Premiere Oltikeni Bannse;
    First Cavalier Silnara Oghden;
    Second Cavalier Georgis Sasamata

    Executive Council

    The results of the rural masses protesting outside the Executive Forum Hall in Ighodia as a response of the passing of Executive Decree 121-1 are enclosed. They will be followed by the aggregate suppositions of myself and the First and Second Cavaliers.

    The 121-1 Riots (hereby colloquially referred to as the Exodus Riots) were the result of the reduction in protection of our rural populations located further in the continental interior of Coghan. They were a semi-peaceful protest outside the Forum Hall of Ighodia on the eleventh day of Dughenis, year 25 S.C. The oversight of the protests fell to Fourth Cavalier Arghis, who has since been relieved of his duties. Though he was not present to witness or direct, his Enforcer regiment was responsible for the aggregation of the crowd in a foolish attempt to contain an extremely dynamic threat.
    I need not reiterate, but the primary role of the Enforcers in riot situations (as all domestic-regiment Cavaliers are trained) is not control, but inhibition. The use of armor and shields acts as less of a force multiplier than does the simple act of coordination and conglomeration: the expanding of a regiment to encircle the crowd set the Enforcers as the antagonists deserving of violence as opposed to a roadblock that prevented access to the Forum Hall. I digress.
    One hundred and forty-one civilians were killed on the streets and in homes in Ighodia.
    Thirty-three Enforcers from three different regiments were killed, including the entire regiment of two-dozen that former-Cavalier Arghis had assigned to the Hall.
    One Ambassador (Ambassador Kiral) was killed in her home. Another, (Ambassador Semtur) was severely injured nearby the Forum Hall. He is expected to recover in time.
    The assembled crowd, for the most part, has vacated Ighodia. They appear disinterested in continued conflict (as such they are avoiding Taghor and other outlying settlements). Eleventh Cavalier Wahagh reports an abandonment of rural settlements in the interior. Whether these people seek exodus from Ighodia into the interior, or whether they seek simply to die, is unknown. This ends the report of the Exodus Riots.

    This begins the personal footnotes.

    I needn’t explicate that this delivers our authority a considerable blow. I am still of the belief that our forces should divert to protect the coasts: foreign trade already constitutes the vast majority of our food reserves, and the retention of safety in the ports is paramount to Coghan’s short-term survival. That said, the dichotomous language presented in 121-1 proved unfortunate. I intend to reinforce domestic training for Enforcers, and I ask you to expect further correspondence in regards to dedicated barracks both in and about Ighodia. I will allow the Limited Council to promote a new Fourth Cavalier. It is the unfortunate truth that what we as a state have decided was likely the most beneficial option, yet so widely unpopular amongst people who already have very little to lose.
    -Cavalier Premiere Oltikeni Bansse

    121-1 was a heavily polarizing subject that had to be answered, one way or another. As callous as it may seem, if I–and the Council–needed to make enemy of either the rural populace or the 80% of Coghanese who live in large settlements such as Ighodia, I would without hesitation side with the urban populace. I intend to follow forthcoming instruction as diligently and tactfully as possible.
    -First Cavalier Silnara Oghden

    Our foreign and domestic position has been weakened as a result of the Exodus Riots. Unlike the Cavalier Premiere or First Cavalier, I had hesitantly sided with the rural populace in this matter. First Cavalier Oghden provides that we would rather retain the favor of the urban majority, but there comes a matter of domestic unrest: assigning Enforcers to the coast would cause much bigger ramifications from a desperate rural populace, whereas sending Enforcers south would be viewed negatively by urban populaces but would also increase a sense of nationality as we refocused on our self-sufficiency infrastructure. I merely hope to see the rapid resolution of the Redjack incidents* as a result, else this suffering may have been entirely in vain.
    -Second Cavalier Georgis Sasamata

    *See: Noachis Aqui