Magnificent, Outstanding User Transitioning to Highbirth (M.O.U.T.H)

  • Baron

    Hello all. After some consideration, I believe that I am now worthy of a promotion into noble status. As I'm sure many can see, I have been consistently and extensively active both on the discord and on the server. Even in lore, I have contributed on both the wiki and the Candarion forums here. On the wiki, I have gone into some detail about my race, Myrmidons, and their society. On the forums, I have specifically elaborated on the interactions between my own lore and that of Aiolia as a whole. As for builds, my numerous screenshots within the #creative-feedback channel on the discord serves as a testament to the development of my own settlement, as well as my aid of others. So please, I officially invite anyone and everyone to take a closer look at any number of my contributions to the community. I am always available on discord if anyone has questions or needs clarity for their vote. I hope you all deem me worthy enough to progress, hail to The Queen.

    voting not available until the 13th

  • Baron

    The name of the proposal alone makes me want to vote in favor. I'll review your lore and builds soon to see if I can confirm my decision.

  • Count

    Could we get a list of your lore pieces? I only know the two forum posts as specifically written by you, and it would be easier for the community if you just link all the lore pieces you have done, rather than us all independently searching through the wiki?

    Also, as you are moving into nobility status, it would be good to have your liege comment here with their endorsement.

    Other than that, I will just have to catch you online for a tour.

  • Baron

    @Alric My apologies.

    I haven't put too much information into them yet, but here they are

    Also, I just remembered that I've done 3 forum posts as of now, not 2. There's the Mouthpiece one, the experience with myrmidons one, and then Bug Juice.

  • Baron

    I would highly recommend Mouth's ascension, he has demonstrated to me a willingness to work with others in in-house realm lore and building, in cooperation with other realms such as Koh in builds, and in aiding in building the co-realm of Anemos. He is a team player that would continue to contribute to the greater whole of Candarion in his new role. As such, he absolutely has my support.

  • Baron

    @Iokastos Thank you so much, Ioka! You've been an amazing liege

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