Audience 4: 1st Janis, 27 Y.C.

  • Baron

    Requested Audience, 1st of Janis, 27 Y.C.

    Summary: Ambassador Premiere Ielis Raghn seeks direct audience with Limited Council and attending auxiliaries to determine application of Ighodian Enforcer movements resulting from Executive Decree 121-1

    Notables In Attendance:

    Cavalier Premiere Oltikeni Bansse
    First Cavalier Silnara Oghden
    Second Cavalier Georgis Sasamata

    Ambassador Premiere Ielis Raghn
    Ambassador Raleigh
    Ambassador Igrens

    Netheter Laghai, Senior Executor
    Mighi Malstrommen, Senior Executor
    Amaris Ghanden, Junior Executor
    Lorres Neiwaghn, Junior Executor
    Verreghn Abustrai, Junior Executor

    Transcript Selection Begins– 13:44 [1] [2]

    Ielis Raghn: On the tail end of the so-called Exodus Riots, it becomes paramount that we make full and effective use of the provisions that started all this hubbub. 121-1 [3] [4] gave the Cavalier Premiere the means to protect and counter the threat laid to our ports by the Redjacks, a group of pirates flying red banners who call the Sybjyri Strait home. I wish to speak directly with the Cavalier Premiere and any of his interested Cavaliers about the issue.

    [request obliged by Ambassador rule. Cavalier Premiere stands]

    Oltikeni Bansse: I can’t in good faith say I am comfortable with your coming forward in regards to this matter, Ambassador Premiere. I fear your interest in this conflict will begin to blur the lines between Cavalier and Ambassador. I fear, perhaps further, that the outcomes of the Exodus Riots, those that resulted in the death of one and battery of another of your Ambassadors, may cloud your judgement.

    IR: On the contrary, I assert. It has always been the expectation that the Cavalier and Ambassador Premieres consult on external and foreign threats. The Redjacks, though they constitute no foreign unified state as far as we can tell, still qualify as an external threat. Furthermore, I truly hope you aren’t insinuating that I would let the damage caused by Executive Decree 121-1 go to waste by, say, neglecting or even interfering in the pool of Enforcers it creates in Ighodia? By, what? Somehow avenging those fallen of my creed by wasting the power that their deaths came about as a result of? Humorous.


    OB: I will let the Second Cavalier speak for me. His knowledge of the threat surpasses my own. He will have the final say in regards to your cooperation.

    [Cavalier Premiere seats himself. Second Cavalier stands]

    Georgis Sasamata: I understand there is no historical precedent for procedure regarding the threat of a decentralized foreign force. Is this correct?

    IR: Correct.

    GS: I intend to end the threat of our ports as soon as possible. I don’t see why I should refuse your insight and close cooperation in this matter.

    IR: You have my thanks. Please meet in my office within the hour.

    [Ielis Raghn steps down from the podium]

    [1]– Recorded by Scribe Dilure
    [2]–Translation(s) provided by Coghan-Candarion Records
    [3]–See Executive Decree 121-1, 24 Y.C.
    [4]–See Incident Report: 121-1 Riot(s)