Minister of Applications Election Candidacy

  • Count

    It is time for the next minister term to come around. If you are of Baron rank or higher and wish to run for the position of Minister of Applications, please announce your candidacy here. you have until 1/12/20 to do so.

  • Viscount

    This is something I've thought about a bit since the last term. I figured I'm too new, thought members would not like a newer member stating candidacy, and I let that get the better of my judgement. Though I have now been here for 8 months, and I am very passionate about the growth of the server. I would love to have a part in bringing in new, great members to this wonderful community. Here I now announce candidacy for Minister of Applications.

  • Baron

    I'm announcing my intention to run gain for the post of Applications Minister.

    Its been a slow term for me and I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to, however I've made some excellent progress on the various video related projects such as the Q&A's that I intend to get the ball rolling this next term.

    I will of course continue to collate server media and advertise the server, keeping an eye out for like minded individuals and promoting our world and its values.

    A vote for Septimus is a vote for Success !

    #SucceedWithSeptimus #Septimus2020

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