IMW: A Call for Supplies

  • Prince

    Iron Moon War: Sub chapter 2: A Call for Supplies

    “For all regions of Helios, a request is made for the acquisition of the following wild plants, fresh, dried or processed. This effort is in support of the ongoing holy conflict in the western regions. Dogs Tongue, a common purple flower to much of the forested areas of the realm. And the far less common Golden Song, a black flower that should be handled with the utmost care. Compensation is available for amounts that are above the minimum. Compensation rates set by local authorities.

    Daniel Daye, 13th Voice of the Highest Court”

    “I’m Telling you Vessi, I saw a whole patch of them there.”

    “We shouldn’t be this far into the wood. You’ve heard what the Far Watchmen said, there are things here we shouldn’t disturb.” Vessi clutched her dress more tightly as she lifted the front allowing her to trot up after Markus. When she got to his side she reached out and grabbed his arm, keeping her own pace but slowing him down some.

    “Don’t worry Vessi. Didn’t I tell you I’d keep you safe. I mean that Knight Clairvoyant in town said I had promise after all, if I can’t keep you safe now what hope will I have as a Knight.” He smiled over to her and flexed into her grasp although he was softer than he’d like to admit. The gesture still eased Vessi’s worry some.

    “And really Vessi, both our families could use the money. I’ve never held an Ardas in my hand. And...maybe-” He didn’t say the rest, he was far too bashful to admit that he hoped the money would ease her father’s heart some and allow the young man to really court his daughter.

    He kept his smile glued on his face as he pulled Vessi through the thick underbrush, down the path he thought he took last time he made the journey. It was only a moment until they spilled out into a small clearing. The trees funneled the fading sunlight through into a central grove that was completely full of multicolored flowers. In the center of the grove of flowers were the black wide petals of the flower they were looking for.

    Vessi’s face bloomed with a smile that Markus thought rivaled the scene before them. She released his arm and strode into the flowers doing her best not to trample any of them, although the foliage was so thick it was almost impossible. She moved right to the edge of the black flowers and lowered herself into a squat with her knees pressed together, the black flowers didn’t really have a scent but she felt an overwhelming sense of melancholy when she drug her knife across the stem and laid it into the waiting basket. She turned her head to look at Markus and even though she was smiling, tears rolled from her eyes.

    Markus walked over to her and looked pensive as he lowered down to her. “What’s wrong?”

    “Nothing. It’s just...sad to cut them.”

    He lifted his hand to her cheek and wiped the tears away with his thumb, she leaned her head into his palm.

    “It’s alright, they will grow back and the war needs it. A little sadness for the greater good.”

    Vessi nodded and went back to plucking the flowers until much of the grove was clear of the big black flowers.

    “Lets head back before we loose anymore light.” Markus said as he reached out and laced his fingers with hers and the two headed off back the way they came.

    “Should I shoot Mother?” The long black bow was drawn far back as the Toten archer looked down on the pair from a high tree. It’s partner, a much older looking Toten, sighed. “No. They are helping the sister to the west, we do not want to stoke them until the battle is won.”

    The archer relaxed her arm and let the bow relax with it.