The Queen's Arrival

  • Baron

    On this morning, Secundan citizens could only watch as a hovering mass became apparent on the horizon. The ever-flowing streets were now filled with everyone outside trying to look at it. It was a sign of the end times, they thought. Heralds and doomsayers gathered in the streets and in the squares, proclaiming the demise of the Aiolian people. In the temple and in the squares, there was constant prayer to the gods that they may be saved. Yet the thing had only grown larger through the day. Animals, possessions, and even a handful of volunteers were sacrificed at the altars and shrines. The gods gave no response, and the thing drew ever closer.
    The mass drew close, and the spirit of pandemonium had seized the city. Noble-folk were scurrying as common rats to gather their belongings. Everyone in the city had either sealed themselves away with what they could scavenge or fled into the woods. The streets were left barren and empty, with stalls and shops having been looted. The city remained in this anxious stasis for hours, and the thing had only proceeded.
    The mass was close enough now that it could be seen in some detail. It was in constant movement, with units buzzing about in a cloud of chaos. The thing was a swarm. A swarm of Myrmidons. Even closer, and it was seen that they were carrying something. Something colossal. It was easily multiple hundreds of meters in length in the form of some bulbous, segmented serpent. It had a thick, orange exoskeleton with golden ornamentations. Bug-juice addicts entered into the squares and they cried into the heavens as the swarm flew over the southern gate. "Our Queen!" Those unfortunate souls could not move from their spot, even as they were trampled by grounded Myrmidons. Hundreds of rooks, pawns, and knights rushed north through the city towards the island of Genesis, where the swarm landed. The myrmidons were out of sight then, when the Secundans came back out of their houses. Not one of them would ever forget this day.
    The Queen has arrived, and there is much to be done.

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