Three Hymns from a Martois Choral Evensong

  • Baron

    Lyrics are translated.

    Hymn of Blessings

    Infinite Lord of the World,
    Lend us your wisdom.
    Let us not stray from the true path,
    Lest we be lost amongst the Chaos.

    Lord of Creation, judge of men,
    Grant us your strength.
    May we in today’s challenges,
    Feel the same courage you gave our fathers.

    Eternal Flame, Lord Above,
    Light our way in life.
    That we may see the truth,
    And we may shun the dark.

    Hymn of Sant Amilaus

    Fire in the deep dark, a hundred horns sounding.
    The land of men plunged to endless night,
    Seeking, searching,
    A savior from the Heavens and le Bâtisse.

    My heart hears the sound of distant drumming;
    Against the armies of Chaos the martyr marched.

    A hundred sparks, a thousand praises,
    Let each resounding strike of his sword
    Equal a praise from His children.

    Let us strive to follow his path,
    O Lord, we pray to you.
    Let his sacrifice be not in vain,
    O Lord, we pray to you.

    Evening Hymn

    Night veils the Earth in darkness,
    As infinite cycles play through Heaven.
    Light to dark, and light again shines
    When its time arrives.

    We raise our voices now,
    As light fades from our world,
    Lord of Order, ruler of Heaven and Earth,
    Comfort us in our fear.
    For we shall be saved by your grace;
    This is the way of the world.