Obrexian Land Claim

  • Minister Duke

    Its been a bit since I have done a land claim. I am looking to expand past my current borders, and as you shall see it isn't the largest land claim that anyone has made, but nor is it as small as Sebastian's.

    alt text

    This image shows it on the official map, as well as how close they are to surrounding realms. This next image will show it a bit closer as well as the area where it is covered by the name.

    alt text

    These should show roughly the same amount of land being claimed, but respect should be given to the second picture as it has a bit higher res and what is there. I intend to claim the area in between the two coloured lines with the blue showing roughly the current borders.

  • Baron

    I was looking at the map the other day and noticed Obrexia is a relatively small realm so I’m all good for this, might come for a tour anyway.

  • Count

    ya, you've definitely used the majority of your space. no issues here

  • Prince

    I see no problem with this claim.

  • Baron

    Such see's no problem with this. Claim away!

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