Limni: Water Leads to Growth

  • Esquire

    Liams cart comes to a stop as he reaches the hilltop. “Aye, this is where the fine people of Salina said it’d be.”

    Looking down at the peaceful waters of the lake below, a small smile began to grow on Liam’s face. “Nice fresh water for crops and trees. That means plenty o’ food and lumber. Lumber fer ‘ouses and ‘omes. Er, ‘omes and ‘ouses. No bother - lumber ta build with and food ta eat. Needs some diggin’ ‘ere and there, but all in due time. It’ll have a nice big tavern for drinkin’ and festivities. Needs tunnel work ta get from place ta place too..” A breeze rolled through the trees as Liam walked around town pointing to different nooks in the hillside and grassy knolls mumbling to himself what he wanted there. He dipped his hands into the cool waters, bringing them up to wash his face. “This’ll be ‘ome. This is Limni.”

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