New Member Application : Potato

  • Commoner

    Greetings lords and ladies of Candarion.

    My name is Bert Oak, but everyone just calls me Potato Boy.
    Well, I was born to a family that you may have already guessed, owned a potato field.
    My family was known for having the best potatoes in town, until I was born.
    You see, when word spread around that the Oak family gave life to a mutation that looks like a potato, people came to the conclusion that the potatoes were the source of said mutation.
    My parents lost everything, but still loved me.

    We lived on the streets my entire childhood, living off of theft and begging.

    At last, my parents got caught and sent to jail.

    I seek to work in Candarion and research the cause of my condition. In order to restore freedom for my parents by bail and restore the reputation my family once had, while hopefully finding a cure!
    I promise not to steal like my parents have, all they taught me was how to be a good person.

    My name is Shahar Dahari. I am from Israel. I started playing minecraft in 2013 and I am 17.

    Honestly, I have 0 experience in lore crafting and world building, but I stumbled upon this community and saw the magic it does. I am looking forward to begin my own journey with this amazing hobby I just discovered.
    I was a builder/mod for a small server called Matecraft but I never documented any builds of mine other than this castle I built (Bad screenshot) (The building you can partially see to the left is also mine)
    (The building you can partially see to the left is also mine)

    My favorite color is Red
    My favorite races are Elves and Orcs
    My favorite Minecraft wood is Spruce
    My favorite biome to build in is Mountains

    Thank you for considering me joining your amazing server!

  • Viscount

    Very interesting potato lore. I like your castle. I see no problem with your lack of worldbuilding experience, as we can certainly help you learn! I have a great feeling that you'll be a natural.

    I'll get this started off and give you your first vote, 1/5.

    Good luck!

  • Baron

    Nice castle!

    Others will ask you questions which I'm sure you'll answer.

    But until then I guess I'll just have to toss a vote your direction.


  • Baron

    Vote 3/5

  • Baron

    Here is my vote! 4/5

  • Baron

    5/5 contact applications ministry for voice interview

  • Baron

    After a satisfactory interview with Potato I am approving them for entry to Candarion


    Liege offers may now commence

  • Baron

    Shalom, mister Potato

    I would like to formally invite you to join the realm of Koh! Koh is a Venetian-Asiatic fusion sort of realm with elements of Mayan religion and architecture

    I have two happy vassals currently but I'd love to have another and considering your experience with stoneworking I think you'd be a good fit!

    Feel free to message me in Discord for additional questions or pics!

  • Viscount

    alt text
    I would love to offer to you vassalage to Ostaria! The lands of Ostaria, a collective of many feuding nations, filled to the brim with exciting cultural diversity and divine beings! Join me for an adventure through Ostaria, packed with powerful elder beasts, magical anomalies, a complex divine ladder, and not to mention, bloodthirsty dwarves!

    Feel free to ask any questions here or on discord, and I will gladly answer. I am almost always available to give a tour, if you'd so like.

    I'd love to have you on board! You can also have my other vassals to keep you company while I am away 🙂

    Message Darius#6486 on the discord for more 🙂

  • Commoner

    I'll happily accept Tsal's invitation to Koh!

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