IMW: The Crimson

  • Prince

    Iron Moon War: Subchapter 3: The Crimson

    It had been three weeks since the battles, since the riders had gone back to the heart of Helios to gather aid. What returned was far more than expected. The realm had come together at the call for supplies, spurred even more by the offer of coin. At the head of the train was the clergy, the Priestess of Wenna came in force, supported by even more Novitiate all of which eager to prove themselves in the eyes of their betters and the faith.

    More Knight Valiant rode with them, while there had been no losses among the enchanted warriors the command felt their presence would be needed even more in the battles to come to avoid the catastrophic loss of life that had been the first two encounters. While actual casualties from the battle were low, the clerics were vigilant to snuff out any sign of the spread of lycanthropy. The first full moon was coming since the battle and they knew that would be the true test of their efforts.

    One High Priestess though peeled off for the southern lines even before supplies had been delivered to those in Omari’s Respite. She rode with only a small retinue and a small wagon of supplies, as to not make her efforts so personal.

    Milliana burst into the tent past two guards who were more worried of touching the crimson clad woman than stopping her from entering their leaders quarters.

    “I told you no-” Sivian said as she groaned up to seated in her bed, but her words were trapped in her throat as she saw a face she hadn’t seen in almost ten years, and even then only in passing. Millianna, still dressed in crimson and gold but showed far less skin than she had in their youth. Age had finally kissed her features but the years only made her all the more beautiful. Millianna rushed to the bed and wanted to touch Sivian but her hands hovered just above the woman’s skin afraid that even a light touch might have hurt her.

    “I heard you were injured by the wolves. The stories, they do not do the state of things justice. I- i couldn’t have lived with myself had I not come.”

    “You dote as much as David.” She smirked as she darted her eyes to the right.

    Millianna turned her head slowly to see David Vansen, Sivian’s husband, standing at his seat sort of surprised to see the high priestess there.

    “Lord Vansen, I’m-” She stammered but he cut her off with a soothing tone.

    “It’s alright Millianna. I know. I’ll give you two a few minutes, but Sivian, you need your rest.” He smiled to them both and headed from the tent. He knew all to well the relationship the two had. He knew all to well that if the choice had been Sivian’s that she would have run away from everything with Millianna, the two would be in some far off land on crazed adventures. He almost wished that they had.

    Millianna wanted for the flap of the tent to settle before she dove headlong into kissing Sivian. It was an explosion of pent passions between the two, voracious at first, falling off into tenderness as the two realized that they were both starting something neither could finish. When the kiss finally broke Sivian sighed and winced and laid back into her pillows on the bed.

    “I’m sorry. The wounds are still healing, slower than any wound I've ever had.” Sivian groaned and pulled the sheets back to reveal that her abdomen was wrapped in bandages but blood had soaked through still.

    “It’s the wolf, your body is fighting it off. You are lucky to be Blood Touched, you cannot turn. With a wound like may not have been able to be saved even with the potion.” She waved the words away lest the thought of the death would lead her to tears. “If there was a time I wished I could heal, it is now Love.” Millianna let her words linger in the air before she took a deep breath and forced a smile “The realm has come together, there is enough stock of potion and reagents that nothing like these first battles will happen again. Valiant sent more knights, even those monsters see the danger here.”

    “That’s good.” Sivian smiled and reached her hand down and took Millianna’s. She gave a gentle squeeze and rubbed her thumb across the back of the priestess hand. “Sit with me a while, until David comes back. Then you can go and heal others in my stead.”

    Millianna knew full well she would not be spending her night curled up next to Sivian and that made the held hand all the harder. She opened her mouth to speak but instead let the words die on her tongue and she smiled and returned the gentle squeeze.