A New Home

  • Esquire

    Penelope Fýsi, exhausted and famished from her long journey decided that it was soon time for a rest and a well-deserved nap. She came across an enclosed area with a small island with a young tree in the center of it and decided to settle down underneath. Sitting under this tree, writing in her journal she got an overwhelming feeling of peace and comfort in this well-hidden grove amongst the cliffs and rivers. As Penelope looks up from her work, her gaze drifts from the lakes to the slowly setting sun, and she knew that this is where she wanted to create her home.

    It almost felt like an age since she had left her studies and home in Sucia amongst the other Shapers. Originally, she had set out on a journey to find out more about her powers and to glean more knowledge about nature and the natural order of the things around her. However, on this journey she discovered far more than she was hoping for, learning of Eternal and his horrible, disgusting magic. See, Penelope had always been able to sense and feel the emotions and connections of the nature around her ever since she was a little one. Due to this special sense, she could feel the pain coming from the golems that Eternal was creating. The anger and torment that they constantly felt enraged her like nothing had ever before. That is when she decided to abandon her studies back in Sucia and move closer to the Aiolian capital of Salina. She wanted to keep an eye on Eternal’s affairs and to save as many golems as she could.

    During her time living in Aiolia, aside from keeping tabs on Eternal, Penelope’s home grew larger and larger, collecting more and more people similar to her, outcasts and ones without a place to feel safe and call home. She helped many people that came her way giving them purpose and building them places to stay. Without even realizing it she had grown into somewhat of a motherly figure to these people in a place that came to be known as Krymménos.

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