Swill's Application

  • Commoner

    AGHH WHAT IS THAT?! shields eyes from the sun ... Woah... The sun? Everyone said it was just an old myth... What is this place? What year is it? Who are you people and where's my magic? You heathens will beg for your lives and end this sick joke of yours once I get my magic back, I demand answers!... I would really like answers please... Is anyone there? I would settle for a golden carrot or two... *man I must have been out for a while, I'm starving... Oh no the great lord is gonna kill me, I gotta get back, the battle was tomorrow... or today? Or uh really guys what year is it?

    Hey gang my names Will, my username is Swill_, I'm 21 from Chicago (CST). I've now been on two minecraft servers since I learned to actually play the game lol. By that I mean I can make efficient mob farms and know enough to bug fix pretty much any farm in the game. I like to build large scale projects although I've always used more modern design. The modernity is kinda what inspired my character, whos supposed to be from the future. My most recent server kinda had a falling out and a lot of people left, so I thought I'd try something new. I'm really looking for a long term server with a cool and active community, which this sure seems to be.

    First server (with irl friends although only I played): https://imgur.com/a/5kvdOUn
    More of a single area build rather than a city or town or anything. All of the farms are pretty far away so the actual building aspect of all this is the modern quidditch pitch. I Planned on putting a sick dome around it but I got bored playing by myself.

    Second server (found on r/mcservers): https://imgur.com/a/64lnJYE
    I had lots of plans for this area but many of the friends I had made left the server before it could become much.

    I really hope I can contribute to the awesome world you guys have created, even just the map on reddit is awesome. Happy building!

  • Baron

    There are a few standard questions we like to ask all the new applicants.
    What's your favorite color?
    favorite fantasy races?
    favorite minecraft wood?
    favorite biome to build in?
    Aside from the standard questions, would you be alright with being confined to medieval fantasy building?

  • Commoner

    Favorite color: Probably green but in MC i tend to build with lots of blues and browns
    Fantasy races: Probably elves cause they tend to have awesome bows from my memory
    MC wood: Dark oak all the way
    Biome: Never built anything substatial outside of the classic wooded/plains biomes, so probably dark oak forests because of the wood lol.

    And yes I would definitely be down to build in a medieval fantasy style, I'm looking for something new and am extremely impressed with the screenshots I came across. I have much to learn

  • Baron

    I find that I am more than satisfied with your app, congrats on your first vote 1/5

  • Baron

    2/5 congrats

  • Baron


    I love the lore and the screenshots look impressive enough. You've earned my vote 3/5

  • Baron

    Just realized that I'm a baron now and can vote lmao. I like your builds, lore, and enthusiasm. 4/5 votes

  • Baron

    5/5, enjoy

  • Viscount

    After a satisfactory interview I am approving Swill for entry to Candarion.


    Liege offers may now commence.

  • Viscount

    alt text
    I would love to offer to you vassalage to Ostaria! Ostaria is an empire of six nations, filled to the brim with exciting cultural diversity and divine beings! Join me for an adventure through Ostaria, packed with powerful elder beasts, magical anomalies, a complex divine ladder, and not to mention, bloodthirsty dwarves!

    Feel free to ask any questions here or on discord, and I will gladly answer. I am almost always available to give a tour, if you'd so like.

    I'd love to have you on board! You can also have my other vassals to keep you company while I am away 🙂

    Message Darius#6486 on the discord for more 🙂

  • Minister Duke

    Due to the applicant having left the discord, this application is now closed. Feel free to reapply at any time.

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