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  • Baron

    First of, Hello. To all the new people on the server, and the old members that might or might not remember me. To refresh your memyory, I'm a tall Dutch guy that likes games. I was a lord named Borin on the preveous server, after the nukening I helped to build Arcos the spawn town of this server but after that I did not have much inspiration for my own realm. Since I had just started a realm on Aldemeria (Forlecass) my head was still full with ideas I could use there, however I did not want to do a straight up copy from that realm on this server. As a result I fell inactive.
    End of the summer I started college and things there have finally started to normalize and calm down a bit giving me some more free time. I'd love to spend at least some of that time on this server again and I hope you all will welcome me back. But in order to come back I need a supermajority pass on this motion. I already have an awesome real idea so this time I will not fall in the same rabbit hole as last time. (I won't go into details now because this is not the place to do so but it has to do with tree/ nature elves.) I'd appreciate it is you all vote in favor on the motion, It will start at the 10th of feburary. In the meantime you can ask me any questions about my return here, or you can discuss with each other. I hope to see you all soon back on the server.


  • Count

    Any ideas where you will be starting your new realm? And since we have over a week to kill, I'd still like to hear some of your plans for the new realm. Maybe there will be opportunities for co-lore.

    Anyway, glad to see you back in the community and with new inspiration to build on.

  • Baron

    I want to create a realm of faun/tree-elf hybrids that whorship nature. They are passive to other creatures but are willing to fight if nature or themselves are at risk, They will tend a wounded animal but if it isn't absolutely necassery they will avoid other intelligent species (other elve types being kinda okay because they are simmilar, to destructive orks being the worst) Their body size are about 2/3th's between an elf and a dwaf as a smaller body needs less materials to sustain. Most of them grow roe antlers however there are also famillies that grow ram type horns or have a furry tail instead. About 20% of them have hooves or paws which is seen as purer. They build their settlements by using existing parts of nature. (hollow trees, ravines, massive mushrooms etc.) as it makes sure they will have to use less building materials.

    For a location I'll be looking for a wooded area on main land, but also one where the grass is still green, so I'll likely be looking for a flower forest, darkoak forest or normal oak forest.

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