A Life Tale from Osawani

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    Rain’s Time, Spring of 29 SC

    Today is my third five and the gods brought morning rain! Fifteen years since my birth and the sky brings good fortune.
    My parents gave me my first journal to keep track of my new life. The paper is so smooth, I hope my handwriting will do it justice.

    It's been a long time tradition here to keep track of your life after you reach your Third Five. My father says we Wessaweni are not scholars or politicians, and so we need to keep ourselves active in reading and writing.We are artists and builders, he says. The women have it easy in that way. They can become priestesses at their Third Five, or they work at home and the market where they do a lot of reading and writing.

    I guess I should write my name down. Who wants to read the tale of a nameless man? I am Itsano I Yewani, son of Ikilanu I Yewani, my father, and Emkitso I Yewani, my mother. We live in the lumber town of Osawani in the lush Wessawen.

    I will follow in my father’s shadow at his joinery shop in town. We make the best furniture in all of Koh! From basic chairs of pine, to wooden thrones of mahogany, to cabinets of birch or spruce, to the biggest wardrobes of Red Oak; We make it all! Osawani is famous for my father’s furniture, but is mainly known for the timber we sail down the river to Bar Hamiri. Our blessed forest builds the great merchant fleets that take our goods out to the rest of the world. Our lumber mills are churning from sunrise to sun down and our lumberjacks work just as hard.

    Tomorrow I’ll go to the temple of the shallows to pray for blessings from Amha, the Father of the Forest, and Habsol Mother of Great Works. I need to remember to write my prayer cards before I go. A Blessing from Amha provides the lumberjacks with good timber for the workshop during my apprenticeship, and the favor of wise Habsol grants me the skill and understanding to learn all I can from my great father.

    There are a few others who’ve reached their Third Five during this moon. I was the last one so tonight we will celebrate at the bonfire. I hope I see Esenya tonight. She’ll be having her Third Five in 5 moons. My parents already know we like each other, and I think they have already started talking with her parents regarding marriage when we are both of age. I really hope I'm right about that.

    Mother is calling me to hurry. I can smell the fish cakes she has made for the gathering of family. Tomorrow, after going to the shrine, I’ll be starting my apprenticeship at the workshop. I’ll write more tomorrow evening about how my first day as a man was!

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