• Esquire

    Across the rolling plains of Ornthas lies a city named for its resources and protection. Governed by those who live in the diorite castle, this city is a prideful one. From the Ornthasian banners, to the way they praise the Nermurtingi with architecture and beauty, Lunaguard lives.

    “Mom, how did Lunaguard get her name?”
    “You ask too many questions child…I can tell you later tonight as for now I have business to do”
    “But mom why can’t you get one of your servants to do it?” He said in a childlike whine, “You are the Nemertingi after all…”
    “Berg there is more to being Nemertingi than getting everything you want in life, look out this window. Do you see the crops in the distance?”
    “Well yeah, they make the bread, and cake, I love cake”
    She chuckles slightly, “Yes they make cake, but more importantly they feed our animals, and the animals give us milk, and we use the milk to make butter or cheese.”
    “Ya ya, I get how cheese is made”
    “As Nemertingi you must respect all those in life, from the smallest of mice to the biggest of wyvern in these mountains, just like the servants serve me, I must serve in return”
    “But I don’t get it, aren’t you the most powerful in the lands?” He stood on the table, “Mighty Nemertingi Elise”
    “Berg there is much more to life than power, one day you will find love, just like I did with your father”
    “Ewww mom I don’t want to hear about thatttttt” he said with a disgusted face.
    “Oh dearest Berg, one day my time will come and in my fall, you must rise and become king, and you must lead with dignity, and responsibility,” she said with a tear in her eye,”now go, your friends are waiting on you for horse riding lessons”
    “Ok bye mom, I LOVE YOU”
    She looked to her servant Jordan and said, “Alright lets get to work….”

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