Soren's Notes #1

  • Baron

    My name is Soren Crucilas III and I am the governor of my splendid city of Secunda. I am a veteran of the barber's guild, home of the great men who have educated me. I am writing this to record my findings during the autopsy of this unidentified man I was called upon to investigate.

    Name: Unknown
    Race: Human
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5' 1"
    Weight: 90 lbs.
    Build: Medium
    Skin: Olive
    Eyes: Brown

    The man was held within the barber's guild infirmary after one of our members was called to a residents on the outskirts of the city, within a notably poor and degenerate district. At the scene, my subject was delirious and attacking nearby citizens. He was restrained and brought to our headquarters hastily. Our members had tried to restabilize the man, but we held him only 6 days before he succumbed to an unknown ailment. Before his demise, he was frantic and repeatedly begged for "bug juice". He made clicking sounds, foamed at the mouth, and was unintelligibly rambling about "the queen" at the time of death. Rifling through the pockets of the patient, I can conclude he was incredibly poor.


    • Various neural structures seem to be enlarged. Probing them caused the body to twitch, despite being deceased. Curious.
    • The heart appears to have undergone significant stress, most likely from an accelerated heart rate
    • The patient's stomach is riddled with holes and the yellow bile appears to be significantly more acidic. I believe the two are linked, with the enhanced bile eating through the stomach.
    • There is a significant lack of black bile and of phlegm. The patient's humours are incredibly imbalanced.

    I conclude that the cause of death is the destruction of the stomach, and that the horrific imbalance of humours has caused his previous hysteria. I believe this bug-juice is to blame for both.

    As an esteemed member of the barber's guild, I will continue to investigate similar cases. As governor of Secunda, I will launch a full-scale investigation into the mysterious bug-juice, now that it has claimed a Secundan life. Incoming Myrmidons shall now be searched upon entry and will be closely watched for any suspicious actions. Those buggers are vile things, and will never bring anything good to my city.

    Glory to Secunda!