Soren's Notes #9

  • Baron

    After a string of bug-juice related incidents and unfortunately deaths, I may finally have the answers that I, Soren, so deserve. A recent myrmidon encounter with the city guards has resulted in the finding of what I believe to be bug-juice, as well as the death of a vile bugger. I am writing these notes as to record my findings on the nature of bug-juice and of Myrmidons.

    These atrocious devils have too long plagued Secunda, yet Eternal still vouches for them. I intend to supply him with irrefutable evidence that these myrmidons are deliberately killing our people, so that he may banish them from whatever hells thhey come from.

    The sample I have procured is stored within a small vial. It has a green coloration with a yellow tint. It is almost warm to the touch and it has an oddly pleasant aroma, similar to flowers.
    A previous subject of mine, a bug-juice addict, once told me that the substance is meant to be ingested. I will never drink this foul thing, even if it is for the benefit of science and of Secunda. As such, I've called in one of my colleagues from the barber's guild to drink it as I observe.

    Immediately as he drank the liquid, he told me it gave him a feeling of elation. He became increasingly giddy, and was motivated to get back to work. Of course, I could not allow him to leave my custody, so he remained in the lab. He became agitated when I would not give him more. If only he knew what I had given him. I cannot have another addict in my streets, so I slashed his throat and cleaned up the mess. Another life taken by Myrmidons.

    Even after all of my tests and observations, I know very little about the substance. I did observe that it could be congealed with a lower temperature, or even turned into a gas with an application of heat. Yet I dont know anything that I can use to combat this epidemic, and my sample is gone with the wind. This frustrates me greatly as I prepare to deal with my Myrmidon.

    The Myrmidon

    The thing is as tall as I am, with 4 legs and 2 arms. The arms are each triple-jointed and ending with a grabber of 3 digits, each much thicker than human fingers. It is segmented, with a clear head, thorax, and abdomen. The abdomen is equipped with a large stinger, and the head has 2 strong mandibles as well as 2 horn-like antennae. The entire body is covered in a thick, tough exoskeleton. So tough, in fact, that my normal tools struggle cut and puncture it. Through and through, this thing is an insect. Yet they display a degree of intelligence similar to our own. They are so far-removed from any known insect, they cannot be natural like any wholesome life.

    As I cut into the thing, it's outer flesh is gray and plump, with it's inner flesh is yellow and juicy. It lets out a clear, disgusting ichor with a foul odor. After hours of cutting and probing, I am able to discern various organs such as a brain, heart, lungs, as well as two stomachs. There are several organs which I struggled to identify or correlate with human organs, such as a sac containing a potent acid. After my extensive dissection, I still could not find any signs of reproductive organs or genitalia of amy sort. The thing's biology is wholly alien, and I could not stand to look at it any longer. As my final act, I decided to behead the thing before disposing of the body. I cannot understand these foul creatures, and I wish to be rid of them now more than ever.

    Glory to Secunda!