Presence of Piolligo

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    "Build it and they will come, I guess" Liam said as he looked down around the lake's growing surroundings. Since he had finished the tavern for others to come and enjoy five other travelers had decided to start a new life in Limni. Soon enough they'd need a stable for their horses, a larger farm to feed those close by, and a barn to keep their animals. Liam had decided to keep himself in the tavern as to not need another place to rest his head for the time being. "Roads.. roads would be nice ta havin'. I guess we'll need those 'n' stuff for the others ta be doin' before tossin' back drinks."

    While he had already started a small mine to gather stone and coal from under, Liam was cautious about sending others down below. The world below the place he called home gave me a strange feeling - almost like an ever growing presence. But with the growth came needs of those around him. Iron to cast horse shoes and form tools, and coal to heat homes. He was happy to have others with him - but all the same, responsibility comes with power and as the unofficial mayor of town it came to him to lead. "I guess I'll be ta havin' to lead 'em back in there. I don't much like it though. It'll wait to the mornin'" he muttered to himself as he finished his pint and headed to bed.

    The sun warmed the side of his face as he looked toward the group around him. Just three other men found time in their day to join him, typical to have others wanting something but not willing to put the work in to get it. None the less, work was to be done. "You've all your torches? Yes? Good. And..uh... picks, right? You've your picks? Helmets to then? Good right. Let's head in." In the back of his mind, Liam feared striking in the wrong direction causing a cave allowing the waters above to fill the tunnels below. "We've to be careful to keep the waters calm" he said to those around him as the began to work.

    After a few hours of work, and the continued uneasy feeling, Liam began to question what all of this was worth. He could have kept himself in Salina or one of the other nearby towns and felt just as at home. But no, this was different for this was his - his own place to call home. Different from the place where he was a boy, different from laying in the back of a wagon with the warm summer wind blowing softly through his hair, and different than the other cities close by. This place was his own.

    "Um sir?" one of the men called to him. "Aye? Whats it now, then?" Liam replied. "You might want to come seen this." Liam hurried over fearing the worst as he felt the air around him fog with moisture. "What in the..." He couldn't manage to finish his words as instead his mouth was left open, his mind filled with awe of what stood before him. Above a stone landing in front of him a face stared into his soul. Ever recognizable in the dark a magnificent statue of Piolligo knelt before him, her arms above her shoulders holding a large bowl that contoured to the earth above them. "Well Liam, I guess that's why the wat-" a townsman began until Liam cut him off with a finger on his lips. "We need to keep the waters calm. Let us leave this place and think over what to do over a pint."

    Back on the surface Liam found himself with more questions than answers - but he knew with the war going on others would be too busy to answer. Again, it fell to him to find an answer. What can be done to keep the waters calm? Who or what created such a structure below the town and when was it made? Why was it there? What should be done about it? What can be done to keep the waters calm...

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