A Brief Overview and History of Uli Olgum

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    Uli Olgum is a small village in south-western Myralis, sitting between the Yelsiph River and the Bay of Merprodius. Though the village is technically within the borders of Myralis, it is almost completely ignored by the imperial government due to the area’s barren land being unsuitable for growing most crops and the area’s lack of valuable natural resources.

    Though the land of Uli Olgum is uncontested and within the borders of Myralis, the villagers living there do not consider themselves Myralian, and don’t follow Myralian law. The Order would occasionally send soldiers to occupy Uli Olgum in order to keep Uli Olgum from breaking away from Myralia entirely, and to try to convert the people of Uli Olgum from Dankalgum to Dankasha. During the occupations, The Order would kill the Village Elder and any other religious leaders to make an example of them.

    Since the people of Uli Olgum do not recognize the imperial government of Myralis they have their own local government. The head of their government is the Village Elder, a role appointed to the oldest villager in Uli Olgum. The village elder is both the political and religious leader of the village and is responsible for creating and executing the laws of the village and interpreting the will of the Sentinels. The last Village Elder of Uli Olgum was the master Carpenter Yoltar Maylif.

    Most of the villagers in Uli Olgum practice Dankalgum, an offshoot of the Dankasha religion. The practices of Dankalgum are very similar to the practices of Dankasha. Followers of Dankalgum meet together in a church every Monday and Wednesday evening. The services usually consist of some chanted prayers and a sermon from the Village Elder. Followers of Dankalgum also worship in their homes in the middle of the night by cutting themselves with a Danka, a small ceremonial and spiritual blade. Worship using the Danka is called Hedam, and followers of Dankalgum believe that through Hedam, the sentinels will notice their suffering and they will be blessed with good fortune.
    The practices of Dankalgum and Dankasha may be almost identical, but the beliefs are very different. Followers of Dankasha view Darius, King of the Myralis, as a god-king. Followers of Dankalgum on the other hand view Darius as a false prophet who will bring destruction to all of Candarion. So instead of praying to Darius they pray to the sentinels for protection from Darius.
    The Sentinels are the deities worshipped by followers of Dankalgum. The people of Uli Olgum believe that the sentinels were omnipotent golems that built the entire world by hand and when they were done, became statues on the beach just north of Uli Olgum, Genesis Beach.

    Uli Olgum is a very poor village with many of the villagers on the verge of starvation. The soil is not suitable for growing crops and there are no valuable minerals in the area to mine so the village’s main export is lumber. The village ships lumber to New Haven and Anemos.
    Yoltar Maylif was a master carpenter from Uli Olgum who was known for his fine luxury goods and furniture. Pieces of his can be found all across Candarion (mostly in the possession of royalty). Since his disappearance, the value of his pieces has skyrocketed as they are highly sought after and in extremely limited supply.


    (0-500 FC) - An unknown group of dwarves build the statues that would become known as The Sentinels. It was built as a record to commemorate the founding of a dwarven settlement elsewhere in the region.

    (554 FC) - Uli Olgum is founded by Myralian settlers led by Darius. Darius sees the sentinel statues and claims that they're a divine sign that the land that is bountiful as sacred.

    Religious Shift:
    (555-600 FC) Darius, accompanied by the Order, visits Uli Olgum once every five years to congratulate the settlement. Each visit the people of Uli Olgum question why nothing will grow in the village even though he was supposedly given a divine sign to build the village there. Over time, the people of Uli Olgum begin to stop worshipping Darius.

    (580 FC) The Village Elder, Jarion Alium lays out the beliefs and practices of Dankalgum on a stone on Genesis Beach

    Era of Occupation:
    (605-995 FC) Darius does not return to Uli Olgum. Instead the order comes alone, and instead of being celebratory they are incredibly hostile. When they arrive they kill religious leaders and anyone else seen as a potential threat to Darius's absolute rule.

    Post Era of Occupation:
    (1000 FC+) Following the death of Darius, the Order stopped going to Uli Olgum entirely.

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