Ender Dragon Drop chance adjustment

  • Count

    Our current law states:

    Ender Dragon, upon death, has a 100% chance to drop 2 Elytra, and a 0.25% chance

    to drop a rare named Elytra with Mending and Unbreaking V (Submitted on Dec

    16th, 2018; Passed with 28 votes in favor, 1 vote for just the chance for normal

    elytra, and no votes against)

    We picked 0.25% because that is the rate we used for strays dropping mending/infinity bows, but strays are a lot easier to farm than dragons. I have farmed the dragon a few times, with no luck. I wanted to bring this up, that perhaps we should up the drop rate, since afaik, nobody has gotten it to drop once.
    For reference: I've personally killed the dragon 19 times so far, and it hasn't dropped for anyone of us.

  • Minister Duke

    I have killed the dragon at least 30 times and not see hide nor hair of it, I do think the chance should be upped as it is a much harder thing to farm

  • Baron

    I'd say upping it to 5% would be good, a 1-in-20 chance when killing the dragon seems fair. Or even higher because of the difficulty relative to the item worth.

  • Baron

    I recall people originally wanted an abysmally low rate, I think. I've no opposition to increasing it to something reasonable

  • Baron


    I completely agree with increasing the drop rate.

  • Count

    I think 5% would be fair.

  • Prince

    5% seems reasonable, is that a number we want to be modified by the looting? I would say yes as I think looting makes farming the strays easier as well but dont quote me on that

  • Baron

    Im fine with upping the chance to 5%. Given the difficulty in obtaining them it seems fair

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