Fragments from the Wastes: The Doomed Voyager

  • Esquire

    This is a scrap found buried in the sand near a prominent rock formation in southern Sogadar. It appears to be a travel log for an expedition. The authour and time of writing cannot be identified as of yet, but it looks to be some years old. The bones of the writer were found neaby, but the resting place of his companion and the rest of the expedition are lost to time

    It is dark as I write here, I am down to my last candle and the wind is not my friend. This will be the final entry I write in this log, I am almost certain. Lazar has succumbed to the heat, no end for such an intrepid youth. He was always insisting on faith, and would become irate at my scoffing. I take this outcome as vindication. Lazar had faith and he still ended up a corpse amidst the blasted sands.

    It is surely a cruel joke that I am the last of this expedition. I have lived no fewer than forty-one summers, most of the others had barely known twenty-five when we set out. And what a glorious start! Maidens practically falling over themselves to see the heroes who were going to seek the tomb of Kagasid. That was, until the road grew lonelier and the inns and towns grew further apart.

    The remainder is becoming a blur. I am fairly sure we found the tomb. A tomb. Carved in ancient script and containing nothing but dust and forgotten dreams. We spent the night, resolving to return in the morning. We awoke to find the writing on our maps and charts replaced with inscrutable runic characters. We walked for a day, and that night the scavengers we sent out did not return.

    At that point the expedition became irreparable. We saw our horseman, Pasha, scrawling runes on his skin while screaming in languages we did not recognise. He would not quiet so the other horsemen attacked him. In the chaos, Lazar and I made off with the supplies.

    Here I am. In a few hours I will be another set of bleached old bones.

    [The rest of the pages are filled with incomprehensible runic scrawls]

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